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InputRouterGUI : Object

(Undocumented class)


This class is missing documentation.

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.buttons = value



.createChannelView(parent, width, i, ii, filters: true, compression: true)

.createMeterView(parent, width, height)



.init(parent, bounds, ir)


.inputRouter = ir

.prSetView(view, what, selector: 'value_', defer: false)




.setCompressionViews(i: 0, ii: 0, thresh, amt, attack)

.setFilterViews(i: 0, ii: 0, lowCut, lowFreq, hiCut, hiFreq)

.setInputView(i: 0, ii: 0, in: 0)

.setLevelView(i: 0, ii: 0, dB: 0)

.setMeterView(i: 0, ii: 0, array)


.update(ir, what ... args)



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