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(Undocumented class)
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This class is missing documentation.

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LPNote.new(aPitchClass: 60, duration: 1.0, tuplet)

Instance Methods

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.addDoit(distance: 2)

.addDynamic(dynamicMark, above: false)

.addFall(distance: 2)

.addGliss(style, thickness, rightArrow: false, leftArrow: false)






.dots = value


.duration = value





.endCresc(dynamic, above: false)

.endDim(dynamic, above: false)




.formatDur = value








.initLPNote(argDuration, argTuplet)


.note = ... aPitchClass

From superclass: LPEvent

.noteHead = noteHeadType



.spatial = value




.startCresc(text: false, niente: false, above: false)

.startDim(text: false, niente: false, above: false)











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