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NTube : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

physical modeling simulation; N tubes
Source: SLUGens.sc

//SLUGens released under the GNU GPL as extensions for SuperCollider 3, by Nick Collins, http://composerprogrammer.com/index.html 


Physical model; N tube sections with N-1 scattering junctions inbetween; relative areas determine k for each junction, where each junction has its own associated k. Delay lengths can be fractional and varied on the fly. Each junction also has an associated loss, as well as for the two outer feedback connections, giving N+1 loss factors.

Note: this UGen does not support multichannel expansion, due to the use of references.

All arrays passed in should be marked with reference symbols.

Class Methods

NTube.ar(input: 0, lossarray: 1.0, karray, delaylengtharray, mul: 1.0, add: 0.0)



Excitation to inject into the system


Amplitude loss factors in circulation, N+1 of them. If a single number rather than an array is given, the UGen uses this same loss factor duplicated N+1 times.


N-1 scattering coefficient for junctions of adjacent tubes, usually -1<=k<=1


Length in seconds of each tube's paired delay line (i.e., each waveguide section, N of them). There must be at least 2 samples per length at the synthesis sampling rate.

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