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incremental event pattern reference definition
Source: Pdef.sc


Pbindef keeps a reference to a Pbind in which single keys can be replaced, combining PbindProxy and Pdef. It plays on when the old stream ended and a new stream is set and schedules the changes to the beat.

the difference to Pdef is that it allows to incrementally change the elementary patterns (patternpairs) of a Pbind - also of an already existing Pbind inside a Pdef.

Pbindef and Pdef use the same global collection, while Pdef and Pdefn use separate ones.

Pbindef inherits most methods from Pdef. Overview: JITLib

Class Methods

Pbindef.new(key ... pairs)

store the pattern in the global dictionary of Pdef under key. (if there is already a Pdef there, replace its pattern with the new one. If there is already a Pbindef there, set the parameters only, or add a new one (the whole pattern is replaced).

Using *new(key) you can access the pattern at that key (if none is there, a default pattern is created). see Pdef.

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.quant = val

From superclass: PatternProxy