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SystemClock : Clock : Object

Clock running on separate accurately timed thread


SystemClock is more accurate than AppClock, but cannot call GUI primitives.

See Clock for general explanation of how clocks operate.

Class Methods

SystemClock.sched(delta, item)

The float you return specifies the delta to resched the function for. Returning nil will stop the task from being rescheduled.


Clear the SystemClock's scheduler to stop it.

SystemClock.schedAbs(time, item)

From superclass: Clock

Calls to the GUI may not be made directly from actions triggered by SystemClock or incoming socket messages (OSCFunc).

To get around this, use { }.defer. This will execute the function using the AppClock and is equivalent to AppClock.sched(0, function)

This example is only to show how to make calls to Cocoa/GUI when scheduling with the SystemClock. If you only wish to control the GUI, use AppClock.

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SystemClock.tempo =

From extension in /Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/downloaded-quarks/wslib/wslib-classes/Experimental/

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