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VMScan2D : MultiOutUGen : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

2D scanning pattern virtual machine
Source: SLUGens.sc

//SLUGens released under the GNU GPL as extensions for SuperCollider 3, by Nick Collins, http://composerprogrammer.com/index.html 


Converts a buffer of virtual machine instructions into the synthesis of a 2D path.

Class Methods

VMScan2D.ar(bufnum: 0, mul: 1.0, add: 0.0)



Number of buffer holding instructions on the server in the form of successive COMMAND/PARAM PAIRS

The limited command set:

0 interpolate from last to new point over PARAM *5000 samples (ie down to about 10 Hz, sampling rate dependent)

1 new random point from (PARAM.rand,PARAM.rand)

2 new point by perturbing last point by PARAM

3 new point by interpolating from last point to its inversion (x,y) -> (1.0-x, 1.0-y)

4 new point by interpolating (t=PARAM) last two points

5 new point by scaling last point (multiply both x and y), scaling= PARAM

6 new x position for point at PARAM

7 new y position for point at PARAM

8 do next command if probability PARAM

9 goto instruction PARAM within the buffer

In most cases, sensible values for PARAM are from 0.0 to 1.0! But instruction 9 will need much larger address values.

Scanning paths are generated from successions of straight line segments.

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