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VSTPluginMIDIProxy : Object

MIDI interface for VSTPluginController


This class mimicks the interface of MIDIOut, so you don`t have to send raw MIDI messages.

Instances are obtained with VSTPluginController: -midi. You should never need to create instances of this class yourself!

It is used internally by Pbinds of event type \vst_midi (see VSTPluginController: Sequencing), but it can be used in other situations as well, e.g. for playing a VSTi with a MIDI keyboard.

NOTE: MIDI pitches can be Floats! The fractional part is converted to cents and passed as the detune argument to -sendMidi. This is not part of the MIDI standard and not all VST instruments actually support it!

All methods have a corresponding *Msg version which returns a raw OSC message, so they can be scheduled as bundles.

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.bend(chan, val: 8192)

.bendMsg(chan, val: 8192)



.control(chan, ctlNum: 7, val: 64)

.controlMsg(chan, ctlNum: 7, val: 64)


.latency =



.noteOff(chan, note: 60, veloc: 64)

.noteOffMsg(chan, note: 60, veloc: 64)

.noteOn(chan, note: 60, veloc: 64)

.noteOnMsg(chan, note: 60, veloc: 64)


.owner = value

.polyTouch(chan, note: 60, val: 64)

.polyTouchMsg(chan, note: 60, val: 64)

.program(chan, num: 1)

.programMsg(chan, num: 1)



.smpte(frames: 0, seconds: 0, minutes: 0, hours: 0, frameRate: 3)











.touch(chan, val: 64)

.touchMsg(chan, val: 64)


.uid = value

.write(len, hiStatus, loStatus, a: 0, b: 0, detune)

.writeMsg(len, hiStatus, loStatus, a: 0, b: 0, detune)