Artificial Activation

OBJECTIVE: The student shall demonstrate their ability to handle eggs in a more complex situation by artificially activating eggs and making careful observations of the results.

PURPOSE: See Mixing the Gene Pool. Since before recorded history, we have wondered why there are two sexes. This lab attempts to start the developmental process without the male contribution. The lab will probably generate more questions than it answers and can be the start of a long path of inquiry.

SET: Why are males needed? What would life be like if we could eliminate the need for males? How would our society change?


MODEL: Demonstrate the CO2 method, as it requires careful manipulation of reagents and eggs.

STRUCTURED PRACTICE: Have students practice along with you, via a "dry" lab approach without actual reagents and eggs. This will save materials and frustration.

GUIDED PRACTICE: This lesson will be hard for some students and you will have to watch carefully what they are doing.

CLOSURE: Are we ready to drive the males out of our society?

INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: This lesson can be the start of a "grand" inquiry process. Excellent topic for extended research project.