Brooders vs. Spawners

OBJECTIVE: The student shall demonstrate their understanding of the essentials of these two reproductive strategies by answering math questions, doing a worksheet and answering the implication questions.

PURPOSE: We have called the two extremes in reproductive behavior, Brooders and Spawners. This lesson is intended to show the validity of each strategy and their relative advantages and disadvantages. Humans are brooders and sea urchins are spawners, so why are we studying sea urchins? They may be different, but they have an equally valid life strategy.

SET: Are you a brooder or a spawner? Let's find out. Be thinking about which one you think is the "better" strategy.


MODEL: 1) definitions 2) examples and 3) demonstrations 4) Powers of 2

STRUCTURED PRACTICE: The class helps decide on the examples of where on the continuum each "critter" belongs. The demonstrations are done as a class activity.

GUIDED PRACTICE: Probably unnecessary, but you could expand this lesson by having students cut images out of magazines to make their own brooder vs. spawner poster. Start students on the worksheet while in class.

CLOSURE: Which would you rather be and why?

INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Students answer math questions, worksheet and Implication Questions.