OBJECTIVE: The student shall demonstrate their ability to SEE the important characteristics of a subject by drawing the line drawings and images presented in a recognizable manner.

PURPOSE: Drawing promotes way too many skills to list here. Two of the most important for a scientist are hand eye coordination and SEEING the object of study.

SET: Our minds can play all kinds of tricks on us. We tend to see what we want to see. A scientist on the other hand has to try and be as objective as possible.


MODEL: Using the first line drawing and an overhead projector, illustrate drawing the image.

STRUCTURED PRACTICE: Have students draw along with the instructor. Compare results afterward, pointing out difficulties, etc.

GUIDED PRACTICE: Leaving the rest of the images on the overhead, have the students complete the set of drawings. Walk around and offer help and encouragement.

CLOSURE: Drawing and SEEING are essential skills for the scientist. This is a skill we will continue to practice throughout the year. I encourage you to practice on your own. You can use images out of your text, magazines or from real life.

INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Assign two or three additional drawings. Unencumbered by the time limit of the classroom, let the students see how far they can get with this assignment. Do post results on the wall for the rest of the students to benefit from.