Check Your Understanding

You have now had three lessons on dilution. See if you can work out the answers.

Click on the question marks to see the correct answers.
1. On this graph, 70% Coke will have a reading of approximately how many ohms resistance?

2. On the above graph a reading of 2.1K ohms represents what percentage of Coke?

3. My standards of 0%, 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3% and 0.4% looks like this:

and my unknown looks like:

What concentration does this represent?

4. I have an unknown dye of this color:

What color filter(s) will improve contrast and allow me to better see differences in this dye's concentration:

5. I have an unknown dye of this color represented by this spectral scan:

What color filter will improve my seeing concentration differences?

6. A 1:2,000 dilution gives a view on a hemacytometer of this:

{remember: each small square represents 1/4,000,000 of a milliliter.}

How many sperm are there in one milliliter of pure sperm?