Simple Dilution
  1. This lesson did a linear dilution. How would you do a serial dilution based on a factor of 2? 10? (starting from the same 100% solution).
  2. In later lessons you will dilute sperm in a similar manner. How could you relate your optical density readings (the K-OHMS reading from the meter) with concentration? HINT: use an hemacytometer to count sperm at a known dilution.
  3. What about a solution that changed color with time. How would you record the results?
  4. How much do you weigh? in grams? (453 grams per pound) If you took a 1000 milligram vitamin C pill (1000 milligrams = 1 gram), how dilute would it be in your body? (assuming an even distribution)
  5. What would happen if the samples were not mixed well? How would this affect readings?