Sea Urchin Polyglot

Here are all the languages spoken at Hopkins Marine Station. With approximately 100 people at Hopkins, this gives you an idea of the diversity of people doing science. In most cases the words translate to either Sea Hedgehog or Sea Porcupine.

LANGUAGE WRITTEN English Characters
English Sea Urchin -
French Oursin -
Spanish Erizo de Mar -
Chinese (Mandarin) Hai2dan3
Japanese Uni
German Seeigel -
Serbo Croatian Morski Jez
Romanian Arici de Mare -
Arabic Kinfid AL-Baher
Hebrew Kipodei yam
Swedish Sjöborre -

Additionally, Alan Davis of Marianas High School in Saipan has published a lexicon of animal names in Chuukic dialects, of the East Caroline Islands. There are a number of names for various Sea cucumber species, as well as general names in some dialects.

A. E. Davis, "A preliminary list of anmial names in the Chuuk District, with some notes on plant names", Micronesica 31(1):1-245, 1999


char Heterocentrotus sp. Taloas; Nomwin; Polle; Wonip.
farawa samwon Sea urchin, black, short spines. Fanapanges.
fénúmw ?Trypneustes sp. Taloas?
fonom ?Trypneustes sp. or ?Toxopneustes sp. Polle.
fonom An unidentified sea urchin.  
láár Diadema spp. Namoluk.
laar Diadema spp. Nomwin; Puluwat
laar possibly also an irregular urchin. Nomwin.
lishar Heterocentrotus sp. Nama; Namoluk.
likitooro Toxopneustes sp. Pullap; Tamatam.
lipukal A sea urchin. Puluwat.
mwóchón Mespilia globulus, Royal Sea Urchin Wonip; Polle
nipukan Decorator urchin w/ deciduous black pedicellaria Peniesenne
puukaal A sea urchin Nomwin
ráá'r Diadema spp. Faichuk District
raar Diadema spp. Fo'no'; Uman; Taloas; Sapuk
ráripwech Echinothrix sp. ("white ra'a'r) Wonip Tol.
sóórowa Diadema sp. Fefan

Irregular Urchins

áterreppep Sand dollars Taloas
tereppep Sand dollar Wene'; Taloas
terepéppek Sand dollar Wene'; Taloas
tereppóp Sand dollar Mwoch
likatterépép Sand dollar Tunnuk?
mesan pii Possibly sand dollars Fono
nikapéppép Sand dollar Wene'; Taloas
nikaterreppék Sand dollar Tunnuk
nisses Sand dollar Wonip
niterepéppép Sand dollar Fefan
peppep Sand dollar Wene'