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    With the continued decreases in federal funding for plant biology and environmental sciences research, we are greatly in need of public support for our research.

  • Gifts to the “Symbiotic Plant-Microbe Research Fund” go through the University of Washington Foundation so your gift is tax-deductible as specified in IRS regulations. The University of Washington and the University of Washington Foundation (Tax ID# 94-3079432) are registered as charitable organizations with the Secretary of State, State of Washington

  • Unlike “crowd funding”, 95% of your gift will go specifically to fund this research program (5% to UW administration of the gift) 

  • Provides support for research projects focusing on natural symbiotic microbes that provide nutrients to host plants, increase plant growth and yields sustainably, improve plant health and drought tolerance, break down environmental pollutants, and aid in the environmentally sustainable production of biofuels.

    Your tax-deductible donation will be used to help our current underfunded projects such as:
  • 1) Researching the microbes that increase tolerance to drought, heat, and salinity, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers for agricultural and bioenergy crops and forestry.
  • 2) Characterizing the natural microbes that reduce the toxicity of carcinogenic pollutants including arsenic, TCE, and PAHs such that plants are better able to remove these dangerous pollutants from our environment
  • 3) Studying specific plants and plant-microbe combinations that can be used in Lunar and Mars bases. Two of our endophyte strains were launched into space in May 2018 for an experiment on the International Space Station.
  • 4) Studying microbes that block important plant pathogens, reducing the need for chemical pesticides