Sharon Doty's Plant Microbiology Laboratory

Current Ph.D. Graduate Research

Robert Tournay

Endophyte-assisted phytoremediation of arsenic


Graduated Graduate Students

Shyam Lal Kandel Ph.D. 2016

“Salicaceae endophytes: Growth promotion potential in rice and maize and bio-control of plant pathogens”

Ellen Weir - Ph.D. 2015
Assessing the Social Acceptability of Endophyte-Assisted Phytoremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: A Case Study at Gas Works Park

Keum Young Lee Ph.D. 2013

Phytoremediation of the insecticide, chlorpyrifos, using poplar and willow

Evan Henrich - MEH 2013

Jenny L. Knoth- Ph.D. Dec 2012 knoth
Analysis for the Potential for Diazotrophic Endophytes to Increase Efficiency of Bioenergy Crop Production: Growth Promotion Effects of the Endophytes Isolated from Populus trichocarpa and Salix sitchensis”

Jun Won Kang- Ph.D. April 2012
Bioremediation of Trichloroethylene (TCE): Analysis of the plant genetic response to TCE and Characterization of a novel TCE-degrading endophyte

Rachel Miller- M.S. Dec 2010
Comparison of Trichloroethylene Toxicity, Removal, and Degradation in Varieties of Populus and Salix for Improved Phytoremediation

Xu Ping - MS Dec 2009
Genetic analysis of endophytic yeast strains isolated from Populus

Gang Xin - PhD Mar 2008

Diazotrophic Endophytes of Poplar

Glenda Lee Singleton - MS Dec 2007 Singleton
Genetic Analysis of Transgenic Poplars for Enhanced Phytoremediation