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The Center for Environmental Politics has taken the lead in establishing the Environmental Politics and Governance Network. It also actively collaborates with other universities to host academic workshops that explore environmental governance issues. Recent initiatives are described below:

Environmental Politics and Governance Network
The Environmental Politics and Governance (EPG) network ( provides a platform for scholars studying environmental issues to exchange ideas, and collaborate. The network has a listserv, Environmental Governance. Further, every year, the network organizes a highly competitive conference for environmental governance scholars to present their cutting edge work.

EPG Conferences

2018 Stockholm EPG Conference
The 2018 Environmental Politics and Governance Conference will be held in the Rånäs Slott resort just outside Stockholm on June 28- July 1, 2018.
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2017 Bloomington EPG Conference
The 2017 Environmental Politics and Governance Conference was held at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs’ Paul H. O’Neill Graduate Center at Indiana University Bloomington, June 21-24 2017.
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2016 Zurich EPG Conference
ETH Zurich, EAWAG, University of Zurich, The Graduate Institute, Geneva and the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Bern is hosting the 2nd annual Conference on Environmental Politics & Governance in Gerzensee, Switzerland, June 16 – 19, 2016.
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2015 Seattle EPG Conference
The 2015 Richard Wesley Conference on Environmental Politics and Governance was held in Seattle, May 14-16, 2015. The interest in this conference exceeded our most optimistic projections. We received around 290 abstracts! These abstracts involved the contributions of over 400 scholars from 40 countries. They represented diverse disciplines including political science (IR, CP and AP), sociology, economics, business strategy, geography, anthropology, theory/philosophy, and history. After a double-blind review process, we accepted 32 papers for presentation at the conference.
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2017 Notre Dame Climate Change Adaptation Conference

This workshop was held in the University of Notre Dame in April-May 2017. We received 134 submissions from scholars located in 31 countries (including 20 countries outside North America and Western Europe). This shows the truly global dimension of the scholarly effort to study climate change adaptation. These scholars are located in diverse disciplines including Architecture, Anthropology, Botany, Business, Economics, Environmental Studies, Fisheries, International Studies, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, Social Work, and Urban Studies. We also received proposals from scholars working for NGOs, international organizations, and governmental ministries. 90 of the submissions are single authored while 44 involve multiple authors. Women feature as authors or coauthors in about half of these submissions (64 out of 134). A subset of the papers are under review at Climatic Change for publication in a symposium on “Adapting to Water Impacts of Climate Change” guest edited by Debra Javeline, Nives Dolsak & Aseem Prakash.

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