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07-05-2017 Informing National Health Policy with Evidence and Experience: One Family Doctor’s Journey from Ballard to Bethesda and Back Dr. William Phillips N/A
06-07-2017 Enhancing Strategic Directions and Impact through Internal and External Collaboration Ardis Davis N/A
05-03-2017 Zika Virus in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Emily Godfrey, MD, MPH N/A
03-01-2017 Intersections of Advanced Heart Failure Therapies, Palliative Care and Primary Care James Fausto, MD, FAAHPM N/A
01-04-2017 Comfort Care for Hospitalized Patients Melissa Bender, MD N/A
12-07-2016 Leaving Lake Wobegon: Writing Letters of Recommendation for Any Learner Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD, Pamela L. Pentin, JD, MD, FAAFP Tomoko Sairenji, MD, MS N/A
03-02-2016 Evidence Based Shoulder Exam John W. O’Kane, MD N/A
04-06-2016 Cambia Palliative Care Center of Excellence: Progress to Date and Next Steps J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH N/A
02-03-2016 Organizational Social Context of Community Health Centers and variation in maternal depression outcomes Ian M. Bennett Available
01-06-2016 Challenges of Preservation and Expansion of Regional Family Medicine Workforce Ardis Davis, MSW, Marcia A. McGuire, MA, Judith Pauwels, MD, Nancy Stevens, MD, MPH, and Amanda Weidner, MPH Available
11-04-2015 Who’s Entering and Who is Leaving Health Care, and Why Do We Care? Bianca Frogner Available
03-04-2015 Ebola: Global Update and CDC Activities Chris Sanford, MD, MPH, DTM&H Available
06-03-2015 The role of clinical pathways in primary care: a conceptual framework Richard Waters, MD Adam Drechsler, MD Andrew Gomez, MD Available
05-06-2015 Physician Assistant Education: National and Local Trends Terry Scott, MPA, PA-C, and Linda Vorvick, MD N/A
10-06-2010 Development of a Practice Based Research Network in the WWAMI States Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH; Alfred O. Berg, MD, MPH; Ardis Davis, MSW; Gina Keppel, MPH N/A
11-03-2010 Automatic External Defibrillators in Schools: Research to Reality Jon Drezner, MD N/A
12-01-2010 First Year Students' Perception of Pain Encounters in the Primary Care Setting Corinne Corrigan, MN, ARNP N/A
01-05-2011 Evaluation of the Direct Observation Precepting Model Valerie Ross, MS Larry B. Mauksch, MEd N/A
03-02-2011 Setting Standards for Systematic Reviews: A New Report from the Institute of Medicine Alfred O. Berg, MD, MPH N/A
04-06-2011 The Contributions of International Medical Graduates to Healthcare Delivery for Rural Underserved Populations Davis G. Patterson, PhD N/A
05-04-2011 Colorectal, Breast, and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Women: How Do Reported Physician Practice Patterns Compare to The USPSTF Recommendations? Hajar Kadivar, MD N/A
06-01-2011 Professionalism in Medical Education Raye Maestas, MD N/A
11-02-2011 Ten-year trends in the financing of family medicine residency training programs. The UW FM Residency Network Benchmarking Project Judy Pauwels, MD Associate Professor of Family Medicine N/A
12-07-2011 A Vignette-Based Study of Physicians’ Behavior and Attitudes towards Ovarian Cancer and Women’s Health Care in the U.S Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD Professor Department of Family Medicine University of Washington N/A
01-04-2012 Resident (R1) Research and Demographics in Northgate Community with Evidence-based Outcomes in Relation to the Clinic Move Justin Osborne and Residents N/A
02-01-2012 Palliative Care ≠ End of Life Care Stu Farber, MD Associate Professor Department of Family Medicine University of Washington N/A
03-07-2012 Improving the Management of Chronic Non-cancer Pain and Opioid Addiction in Rural Washington Roger Rosenblatt, MD, MPH, MFR Available
04-04-2012 Evidence in the Other Washington: the ACA, IOM and PCORI Al Berg, MD, MPH, Professor of Family Medicine N/A
05-02-2012 Satisfaction and retention of family physicians working in Community Health Centers Allison Cole Senior NRSA Fellow N/A
06-06-2012 40 Years of the MEDEX Admissions Process: Using the Peace Corps Model to Choose Primary Care Clinicians Ruth Ballweg MPA, PA-C Associate Professor MEDEX Northwest N/A
08-01-2012 Medical Student Education Misbah Keen, MD, MBI, MPH, Toby Keys, MA, MPH, Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD Available
10-03-2012 Introducing the EQuAT: An Educational Quality Assessment Tool to Guide Self-Evaluation and Improvement in Family Medicine Residencies Ardis Davis, Lisa Johnson, Amanda Harris, Nancy Stevens Available
11-07-2012 Sports Medicine - Tendinopathy Kim Harmon, MD Available
12-05-2012 Primary Care Residency Choice and Underserved Pathway Participation Amanda Kost, MD Available
03-06-2013 Updates from the CDC: Contraceptive Guidelines for Clinical Use Emily Godfrey N/A
06-05-2013 Centering Pregnancy: Highlights, Challenges, and Successes in implementing Group Prenatal care at Columbia Health Center Jane Huntington, Claire Fung, and Megan Wilson N/A
07-03-2013 Chronic Pain Management Mary Catlin and Lucinda Grande N/A
08-07-2013 The Affordable Care Act: On the Bumpy Road to Single Payer Medicine John Geyman and David Gimlett N/A
09-04-2013 Longitudinal Integrated Clinical Education (LICE) for Medical Students Tom Norris N/A
10-02-2013 The Primary Care of Cancer Survivors Pam Pentin Available
11-06-2013 Washington State Health Policy: Opportunities for Relevant Research Bob Crittenden, MD N/A
12-04-2013 Old, new, and different ways to teach and learn about diagnostic tests in primary care Matthew Thompson, MBChB, DPhil N/A
01-08-2014 Family medicine resident billing: Lost revenue and compliance concerns Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD, and Dave Evans, MD N/A
02-05-2014 Chronic Disease in Global Health: Challenges and Opportunities Tina Neogi, MD, MPHc Available
03-05-2014 Patient Centered Medical Home: What's the evidence? WWAMI region Practice and Research Network panel N/A
04-02-2014 Randomized Clinical Trial of Bidirectional Text Messaging to Improve Adherence to Recommended Lipid Testing Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH Caitlin Morrison, MPH Available
08-06-2014 Formation and Future Directions of the UW Department of Family Medicine Global Health Fellowship: How to form a non-ACGME-Accredited Fellowship in ten easy steps Chris Sanford, MD Elisha Nziengui Boussengui, MD N/A
10-01-2014 A peek at the Underserved Pathway: Be an UP student for a day Amanda Kost, MD Dave Evans, MD Sharon Dobie, MD, MCP Jaime Fitch Available
11-05-2014 WPRN 2014: Activities, Accomplishments, and Results from the Study. Use of Mobile Health (mHealth) Tools by Primary Care Patients in the WWAMI region Practice and Research Network Amy Bauer, MD, MS Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH Available
12-03-2014 Bridging Family Medicine and Surgery: the role of pre anesthesia and enhanced recovery initiatives Nathalie Bentov, MD N/A
01-07-2015 Conveying Hope in Tough Times Lucille Marchand, MD, BSN N/A
02-04-2015 Global PA Development Ruth Ballweg, MPA, PA-C Available
04-01-2015 GFUP Results Amanda Weidner, MPH Available