Leadership experience is a great thing to have when applying to residency; some student leadership opportunities available within Family Medicine are:

Leadership at the University of Washington

Students interested in leadership in family medicine can become a Family Medicine Listserv to stay current on all FMIG activities and leadership opportunities. Students in their second year can serve as coordinators for programs offered by the Community Health Advancement Program (CHAP). Please refer to the websites of the programs for more information.

Regional Leadership

Students can serve on the student subcommittee of the King Count Academy of Family Physicians (KCAFP) and help to coordinate the KCAFP-FMIG partnership.There are also a variety of opportunities to become leaders on the state level through the Washington Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP). Leadership positions include yearlong positions as a Student Trustee and WAFP Foundation Trustee, or students can represent their peers at the WAFP House of Delegates.

National Leadership

A wide variety of opportunities exist for students interested in leadership within the American Academy of Family Physicians. Students can serve as their state chapter delegate to the Congress of Delegates at the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Students. Students can also be elected or appointed for a variety of leadership positions, most lasting 12-15 months. Some positions require you to coordinate with your state chapter to apply. If you have any questions, please e-mail Amanda Kost :akost@uw.edu.