1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year Visiting
FAMED 499 Undergraduate Research*
FAMED 501 Preceptorship
FAMED 502 Preclinical Continuity Preceptorship in Family Medicine
CONJ 515 Health and Human Services Delivery in Rural Communities
FAMED 525African American Health and Health Disparity (Au)
FAMED 530 Primary Care
UCONJ 530 Issues in Indian Health
FAMED 540 Topics in Health and Human Services in Rural Communities (Wi)
FAMED 546 Respectful Death: Exploring Interdisciplinary End-of-Life Care (Wi)
FAMED 547 Spirituality in Healthcare (Sp)
FAMED 557Hispanic Health and Health Care Disparities (Au)
FAMED 560 Indian Health Problem-Based Learning Cases (Au)
FAMED 561LGBTQ Health and Health Disparities (Wi)
CONJ 570 Transgender Patients
WRITE Family Medicine Clerkship**
Family Medicine Clerkship**
FAMED 670 Advanced Underserved Clerkship
FAMED 674 Advanced Interviewing in Primary Care
FAMED 680 Traditional Indian Medicine Clerkship
FAMED 681 Indian Health Care Clerkship
FAMED 688 Family Medicine Sub-Internship
FAMED 689 Sports Medicine
CONJ 696 WRITE Clinical Elective
FAMED 697 (outside WWAMI) Family Medicine Special Elective
FAMED 699 (WWAMI Network) Clinical Elective

* Available to undergraduates
** Clerkship or WRITE required for all medical students