FAMED 670 - Advanced Underserved Clerkship

Advanced Underserved Clerkship (*, max. 24)
Offered: AWSpS

Students gain experience, knowledge, and skills needed to care for rural, specific ethnic or underserved populations in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho.

Clinical Elective Check List

This checklist and accompanying application materials will be satisfactory completed before you are given departmental approval to enroll in Family Medicine 670 clinical elective. After completing the checklist, bring your packet to Stacey Morrison, in room E-304 of the Health Sciences building or scan the documents and email them to fmclerk@uw.edu.

  1. Courses are offered in two or four week schedule blocks. Review the clinical block schedule for possible dates you would be available to enroll for this rotation.
  2. FIND an opportunity to at an underserved site within the WWAMI region.
  3. CONFIRM the dates of your clerkship and DISCUSS your learning goals and clinical responsibilities with your primary preceptor and confirm the dates of your rotation.
  4. STATE your learning goals for the rotation and a brief description of your activities/responsibilities
  5. Obtain a completed Family Medicine Clinical Liability form from your primary preceptor (If he or she does not already have a clinical faculty appointment in Family Medicine. Click here to check on their clinical faculty status)
  6. Have your primary preceptor submit a Clinical Preceptor Application (If he or she does not already have a clinical faculty appointment in Family Medicine) to the department of Family Medicine.
  7. DOWNLOAD the Clinical Evaluation Form and SIGN the Student Evaluation Contract for Clinical Electives
  • Once your packet is complete, you will need to make an appointment with Academic Affairs to COMPLETE a WWAMI Away Elective form.

    Contact: Clinical Electives Coordinator