Welcome to the Family Medicine Clerkship!



  • Family Medicine Clerkship Syllabus 2017-18

    • Please read the Syllabus prior to beginning your Clerkship to familiarize yourself with the goals and objectives, evaluation process and policies.
  • Orientation Slide Deck for Webinar 2018-19

    • The orientation webinar is always on the FIRST DAY of the Clerkship from 12-1pm PST – hosted by Family Medicine Clerkship Administrator.  Join by Zoom or Phone.
    • ZOOM Link
    • PHONE +1 408 638.0968 Meeting ID: 932790670#  |  +1 646 558.8656 Meeting ID: 932790670#
  •  UW School of Medicine –  MD PROGRAM HANDBOOK 

Clerkship Sites & Required Documents

Assignment Tracker 

During the clerkship, refer to the Assignment Tracker for all curricular responsibilities and timelines. Weekly updates of the Assignment Tracker is a requirement of the clerkship.

Clinical Reasoning Practice Exam 

Taking this exam is a requirement of the clerkship. Passcode for exam: FMC


For 2019-2020 Academic Year:

NBME Testing Information:








Updated 07/06/2018