University of Washington Family Practice Residency Program

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Greetings from the Family Medicine Clerkship Team!

331 NE 103rd Street
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 520-2400

314 NE Thornton Place
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 520-8000

Clinic located next to Regal Cinemas box office.
Residency Offices located across the drive from clinic (even though addresses seem different)

The University of Washington Family Medicine Residency Program/University of Washington Neighborhood Clinics Northgate (collectively called “Northgate”) includes 18 residents, 14 faculty family physicians and 2 UWNC family physician clinicians divided into six teams. Supporting providers at this location include a clinical pharmacist, 2 mental health interns, 2 mental health faculty, 1 resident psychiatrist, 1 faculty psychiatrist, a social worker and a nutritionist. There are on-site X-ray and lab services.

Students spend approximately 3 days a week at Northgate, and 2 days a week at one of the other University of Washington Neighborhood Clinics, either in Woodinville or Ravenna . These other Neighborhood Clinics have on-site X-ray and lab services, and a nutritionist who rotates through the clinics. Woodinville is staffed by 5 family physicians, an internal medicine-pediatrics physician, a family nurse practitioner and a PA-C. Additionally, a nurse educator and a sleep medicine specialist rotate through. Ravenna is staffed by 5 family physicians and 2 OB/GYN physicians.

Students complete one week on the family medicine inpatient team at the University of Washington Medical Center (“UWMC”) during their rotation. In addition, there is evening on-call responsibility with a second- or third-year resident once a week at UWMC. The student participates in both medical and obstetrical coverage when on call.

Attendance is expected at residency didactics and seminars every Wednesday afternoon at Northgate.

Students learn communication and family assessment skills and make one educational presentation to the clinical team.


1. Email Nancy Provence ( to confirm your schedule and discuss where to go on your first day.

2. Email the completed Student Summary Sheet to Dr. Pentin ( and to Dr. Debelak at Woodinville ( or Dr. Sheffield at Ravenna ( Your schedule will make it clear which of the outlying Neighborhood Clinics you’ll be going to two days per week – check with Dr. Pentin if it’s unclear. Here’s a link to the form:

3. You will need access to UW Epic and ORCA, our electronic medical records. You likely already have that access with your UWNet ID and password. If you are not certain about access or how to login, please contact Tara Gates, for assistance before the start of the rotation.


You are expected to arrive at the Residency Offices, across the drive from the Northgate Clinic, at 7:45 a.m. for an orientation with Dr. Pentin. On your first day at Woodinville or Ravenna, you are expected to arrive 15 minutes before your clinic start time for an orientation with Dr. Debelek or Dr. Sheffield.


You will work with 5-8 different physicians including a primary preceptor faculty member at Northgate and a primary preceptor at either Woodinville or Ravenna. Clinical teaching is provided about the problems presenting during clinics visits.


You will spend about 3 days per week at Northgate. When you see patients, you will perform the initial history and exam and then present your findings and plan to your preceptor. During your first week, your preceptor will discuss each case with you and see the patient him/herself in most cases. You may be asked to observe the preceptor work with patients and the preceptor may observe entire visits between you and your patients. As the faculty assesses your competency level and judgment, you will assume more responsibility for patient care. You are always expected to interrupt faculty for any questions or areas of uncertainty. Students may observe, participate or perform procedures, as they are available. You may sometimes be invited to participate in evening or weekend clinics, which often present more responsibility and great teaching opportunities.



You will spend about 2 days per week at Woodinville. Three of the physicians there care for obstetrical patients who deliver at the UWMC. While there is no night call associated with this site, students may have the opportunity to observe and participate in a delivery if one occurs during clinic hours or other hours as arranged. Students are also welcome to participate in any special activities that the clinic undertakes during their time here. In the past these have included lectures to local schools, sports physical programs, and a health information fair. You may sometimes be invited to participate in evening or weekend clinics, which can offer you more responsibility and great teaching opportunities.



You will spend about 2 days per week at Ravenna. You will be assigned to a preceptor and will work with this provider for most if not all of your clinical time there. Two of the family doctors provide obstetrical care with deliveries at UWMC. While there is no night call associated with this site, students may have the opportunity to observe and participate in a delivery if one occurs during clinic hours or other hours as arranged.


Students are expected to participate in inpatient report rounds held at 1 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Residency Conference Room. Students may also participate in hospital-based inpatient rounds weekday mornings, especially for patients they have admitted on call. Students may also elect to follow patients in the hospital whom they have seen in clinic to provide continuity of care.


When possible, you will be expected to participate in residency didactics every Wednesday afternoon from 1:30–5 p.m. Educational topics cover procedural skills, practice management, clinical disease management, and/or psychosocial, cultural or economic issues as they relate to medical care.

Be sure in your first week to look at the clerkship assignment tracker and the clerkship’s on-line curriculum, including:
Articulating and Reflecting Tacit Expertise (ARTE)
Effective Patient Centered Care (EPCC)
Family Medicine Cases

Medical Informatics:

All three sites have multiple forms of access to electronic databases including UWIN, HealthLinks (on line journals) and evidence-based resources. Students are expected to demonstrate ability to use these resources in providing references for their final presentation.
(See below)

Satellite Sites: 



UWMC Roosevelt is located in Seattle’s University District near the University of Washington’s central campus. The clinic is within walking distance of the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC). There is also shuttle service between Harborview Medical Center and UWMC.

Common Clinic Patients: 


Northgate provides primary care for many patients seen in other parts of the UW system for tertiary care. There is also a wide diversity of patients from the surrounding communities, plus university faculty and staff, students, geriatrics, sports medicine, economically disadvantaged and immigrant populations. The Woodinville clinic complements this experience with a more typical suburban primary care experience. Students frequently enjoy the diversity of experiences between the two sites. Ravenna is the newest site to host the clerkship--it opened in October 2011. Due to its location near the University campus, it is a blend of patients associated with the University through employment, education or tertiary care, geriatric patients from nearby facilities, and patients from the surrounding neighborhoods.

On-Call Duties: 

You will be expected to participate in inpatient service coverage and admissions when on call. Call is with a second- or third-year resident once a week at UWMC.


It is helpful to have access to a car. Free parking is available at all clinics. Travel time by car from UWMC to Northgate is 15-30 minutes depending on traffic. There is a free shuttle bus between UWMC , the Ravenna clinic, and Northgate with web-based access to a live tracking system. The shuttle bus schedule and tracking link are available at

There is a Metro “park and ride” located at Northgate and travel time from downtown Seattle to Northgate by Metro bus is usually less than an hour. There is also a Metro "park and ride" located at Woodinville, and travel between UWMC or downtown Seattle and Woodinville also varies with the time of day, but averages less than an hour.


SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Final Presentation: Students are required to make a final presentation, 15-20 minutes, on a primary care topic of their choice. The date will be coordinated with the chief resident. Dr. Pentin will explain further details during the orientation. Patient Centered Medicine Skill Development: Students are expected to demonstrate three fundamental, patient centered interview skills (Establishing Focus, Eliciting the Patient's Perspective and Reaching Common Ground) as part of the family medicine rotation. Our behavioral medicine providers will provide readings, and interviews will be observed. Students can share their demonstrations of interview skills in lieu of a final presentation. Further details are provided during orientation.


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