Preceptorship Requirements for Preceptors

  1. Be available for at least 8 half-day sessions with your preceptee during the quarter If your clinic schedule changes or you find that you will be unavailable for a quarter, please contact Ivan Henson, the course coordinator, as soon as possible so we may update your status. Students are responsible for contacting you to schedule times/dates in your clinic. If you do not hear from your student within 3 weeks of the course coordinator contacting you to confirm your availability, please call (206) 543-9425 or email us at to let us know.
  2. Discuss Goals with Students Using the GLEAM Tool (discussed on a previous page), preceptors will learn more about their student and what the student wants out of the preceptorship. This tool will also address issues such as learning style and the best time for feedback.
  3. Complete a final evaluation of the course Preceptors asked to fill out a final evaluation of their student. Comments on your student’s clinical skills, clinical knowledge, attitude towards patients and professionalism are solicited and are included in their grade.

The Continuity Curriculum

The continuity curriculum is no longer a requirement of the School of Medicine. Preceptors are encouraged to talk about the role that continuity plays in their practice with their preceptees.