The goal of this manual is to provide strategies and resources for better precepting. Your comments regarding this manual are most welcome.

FM 501 Preceptorship Experience

The preceptorship is a one-quarter elective course offered each Fall, Winter and Spring to first and second year medical students. Students are matched with a volunteer community physician based on practice characteristics important to the student. These include practice location, patient population, and availability of specific procedures or experiences. Students may choose to expand their experience beyond one quarter with the same preceptor. Students are responsible for contacting their preceptor and arranging clinic sessions.

Goals of the Preceptorship

  1. To enable students to refine their clinical knowledge and skills by observing and practicing these skills in community-based care;
  2. To allow students to experience first hand the importance of patient continuity of care by involving them in the day-to-day workings of a community practice;
  3. To expose students to important issues in Family Medicine today including the evolving Family Medicine model of care, quality of care, evidence based medicine, the electronic health record and preventive care including patient adoption of healthy behaviors.
  4. To increase students’ understanding of the challenges and rewards of a Family Medicine career;

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