Second Year

Leading in Family Medicine

Second year is a great time to exploit leadership opportunities in family medicine, work on finding mentors and networking, get involved in family medicine organizations, and present research!

Preparing for Step 1

Everyone has different ideas for the best way to prepare for Step 1 and a lot of your preparation will depend on your learning style. Some people start to study for Step 1 at the beginning of their second year; some people choose to not study for Step 1 until second year is over so they can maximize their learning in their classes. Regardless of the strategy you adopt, it is important to develop a study plan and stick to it, especially during the weeks of preparation you have just before the exam. It is very easy to get off-track those few weeks, so plan what you will do for each day before the study period begins. Most people take 3-6 weeks to study for step 1 depending on their schedule. Make sure to take breaks during your study period – sometimes a day off will help solidify knowledge. However, the most important thing you can do is practice questions. Buy a question bank from a reputable source and complete ALL OF THEM. Doing questions allows you to identify knowledge gaps when you review the answers to the questions. If you have concerns about Step 1, please come by our office to develop a study plan or to get more resources.