Each year, the CUSP team offers two 1-credit elective courses:

FAMED 526: Determinants, Disparities and Equity, and

FAMED 527: Inter-professional Care of Urban Underserved Patients

While these courses are required for CUSP scholars, FAMED 526 is open to any first or second-year medical student during Winter Quarter, and FAMED 527 is open to medical and social work students during Fall Quarter. Note that these courses are currently only offered at the Seattle campus.

These courses use a public health pedagogy, and are inspired by problem-based learning. Students work together to discuss real-time case studies and identify structural barriers to care and equity. In FAMED 526, students learn about upstream determinants of health- both social and structural, downstream health disparities, and the role of physicians in advancing health equity. They also explore local assets in their Primary Care Practicum community, and complete a project focused on reducing barriers to care at their site. In FAMED 527, social work and medical students explore best practices for inter-professional care, and hear from guest experts who are local physicians and social workers. Students learn about the unique roles and training of each profession, and how they can best collaborate to offer the best possible care to patients. Through in-class discussions, they also build a list of community resources available to underserved patients.