The FMIG is a student led organization. Student leaders are self-selected and decide which projects the group will tackle each quarter. They are the driving force behind the development, implementation, and maintenance of any new projects and partnerships, with support from faculty and staff.

Becoming an FMIG LeaderBeing a leader doesn’t have to be a large commitment of time and energy; it really depends on the type of project you get involved with. To get involved, attend a quarterly leaders meeting, talk to other leaders, or contact FMIG manager Ivan Henson (

The Next Leaders Meeting TBALeader Responsibilities: Responsibilities of leaders vary from project to project, but here is a basic outline of a leader’s responsibility by project type:

One Time Events

Before the Event

  • Invite the guests (residency, individual physicians for panels, etc.)
  • Invite classmates (advertise the event among your peers)
  • Plan food for the event, if applicable
  • Assist in gathering supplies, if applicable

Day of Event

  • Help prepare/set up food
  • Help prepare/set up supplies
  • Introduce guests / open event
  • Help with event clean up

After the Event

  • Send thank-you notes to guests, if applicable
  • Return any receipts for reimbursement

Longitudinal Events/Programs

Responsibilities vary greatly longitudinal activities, but obviously require more of a commitment than one-time events. In general leaders are responsible for inviting guests and participants, advertising, providing event support, and coordinating supplies/food.

Contact Information 

Tomoko Sairenji, MD, MS
FMIG Director
(206) 543-9425 :: HSB E-304

Ivan Henson
FMIG Manager
(206) 543-9425 :: HSB E-304