Students will provide preceptors with a RUOP Preceptor Information Sheet when they arrive on site. You may also access the full Preceptor Manual RUOP Preceptor Manual here.


  1. Letter to our preceptors and RUOP overview
    • Welcome to our program
    • Clinical and Community Exposure
  2. Planning a Positive RUOP Experience
    • Meeting with your student
    • Reviewing your student’s Learning Plan
    • Student level of responsibility
    • Strategies for Clinical Teaching
    • Providing student feedback
  3. Administrative Issues
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Letter of Good Standing
    • Student proof of immunity
    • Hospital credentialing
  4. Career Advising
  5. Clinical faculty appointments
  6. Appendices
    • Department of Family Medicine Clinical faculty overview
    • Using UWSOM online resources
    • UW SOM 1st and 2nd Year Curriculum
    • Student Community Medicine Projects (Independent Investigative Inquiry)
    • UWSOM policy on discrimination and harassment

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