Student Resources for the RUOP-III3 course can be found on the following links:

  • Student Resources includes RUOP Syllabus, Placement Record, Learning Plan, Photo Permission Form, and other documents you may need.
  • UW Catalyst Collect It.
  • Most students report easy access to the internet, however, it is important to recognize that internet access in rural communities may not be as rapid as access on UW medical school campuses!Some Tips for Success:
    • Bring your own computer and a flash drive. This allows you to work when you have time and upload your assignments when you have internet access.
    • Check with your preceptor about access to the internet at the clinic or hospital.
    • Most libraries have internet access. If necessary, plan to use the local library for internet access.
    • Your UW Collect It site is open only to you and III-3 faculty. You must have your UW net ID to log-on.