TRUST Scholar Conference Travel Support:


Conference Travel Stipend Guidelines

TRUST Scholar Travel to Rural/Underserved Conferences Supported by the WAFP Foundation

Read the instructions on the funding request form carefully BEFORE you travel. Please note: The WAFP Foundation must receive your application a minimum of 30 days prior to the conference in order to process your request. Apply early!


  • WAFP Foundation: Funding Request to Participate in Rural/Underserved Conference

    WAFP Foundation: Tips for Student Travel Reimbursement

    Travel support scholarships of up to $1,000 will be awarded based upon availability. Receipt of the support obligates the student to attend lectures, workshops, and meetings at the specified conference. In addition, the recipient must submit a letter summarizing his/her experience along with the WAFP Foundation reimbursement form and original receipts.

    Keep receipts for all relevant expenditures: food, taxi, shuttle, hotel, plane, etc. This may differ from UW rules where, for instance, you receive an automatic food per diem at federally set rates and no receipts are required.

    If you received funding from any other sources such as a scholarship, this should be documented in the initial funding request and on the final reimbursement form. Document all your expenses on the form (provided by the WAFP Foundation), subtract the fund received from other sources, and request only the remainder from the WAFP Foundation. Even if you received funding from another source, submit all the original receipts to the WAFP Foundation along with your reimbursement form.

    Please copy the TRUST coordinator on your requests.

    Requests for reimbursement are due within 30 days after the conference.

    If you have questions about completing any aspect of the reimbursement request, please call WAFP staff at 425-747-3100 or email

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