Students coming to Seattle for rotations from Jan – Jun 2017

Note: The School of Medicine does not reimburse housing in Seattle, except for Track students and very few other exceptions.


  1. About $80 per night will sometimes pay for a room with or without a private bathroom
  2. Students can pool reimbursement for a better housing arrangement.  At $160 per night it is often possible to rent an entire apartment.

AirBnB has advantages over long term rental or lease

  1. No deposit and no signed lease
  2. Can move to a more convenient location for each rotation, if you are mobile (e.g.  near HMC for psychiatry and near Children’s for peds inpatient)

AirBnB does present a few challenges

  1. You must pay with a credit card when you choose a place.
  2. The earlier you reserve a place, the more choice you are likely to have, especially during busy times of year (holidays, summer, etc)
  3. The original cost you see when you look at locations in Seattle is just the BASE cost and does not include taxes, Air BnB fees, possibly cleaning costs and damage deposit.


AirBnB Tips:

Click images to enlarge


Map feature helps pinpoint housing location in relation to your clerkship


AirBnB offers much in the way of customization to help you find exactly the type of temporary home you need


Be sure to check the details, and make note of extra fees


Extra fees will be displayed in the final cost. Note that you will have to pay the full price up-front.




Housing at Extended Stay America in Bellevue

  1. Near 520 and bus service is possible
  2. Ask for a room on the side away from the freeway
  3. Has fully equipped kitchen, wireless internet etc.
  4. Safe and convenient for some
  5. Means crossing the 520 toll bridge most days – traffic can be heavy, commuting is not a covered expense


Housing at Extended Stay America in Northgate

  1. Not as convenient or as safe as the Bellevue location
  2. Not a completely non-smoking hotel
  3. Can be noisy at times
  4. Bus commute to UW and other sites can take a while
  5. Avoid this option if at all possible
  6. Please note that the UWSOM neither endorses the lodging options, nor assumes responsibility or liability for accuracy of material contained therein, or services provided.


Other options exist below, but students are not limited to these: