Montana WWAMI TRUST Program
Lisa Benzel, Director
60 Cloudnine Lane
Dillon, MT 59725
(406) 660-0246,
Dear TRUST Scholars,

This form is dual purpose. The first is to request mileage reimbursement for your TRUST continuity community visits. The second is to request approval to attend conferences and educational events.

1. TRUST Continuity Community Visits
To request reimbursement for travel to and from your Montana TRUST site (FSE, weekend visits, RUOP), please submit the following:

  • MT TRUST Scholars Travel Form (only necessary to complete the top half of the below form)
  • MapQuest map
  • Above documents must be submitted within 30 days of travel

2. TRUST Conference Travel (to conferences and/or non‐covered WWAMI educational events)

Limited funds are available to support travel to local, regional, and national conferences for TRUST students and will be available until the funding is expended. Applications are accepted from any TRUST Scholar, MS1‐MS4.

A travel stipend will be paid, prior to your travel, based on estimated expenses and the Director’s review/approval that estimates are reasonable for the location. The stipend will be the full amount allotted for the conference and it will NOT be necessary to hold onto and submit receipts after travel. It WILL be necessary to submit proof of attendance (see list below) and an informal summary of the conference (one to two paragraphs, a list of bulleted items pro/con, etc.) will suffice.

To request approval, please provide the following:

  1. A fully completed Travel Form (Page 2 below).
  2. A letter to the TRUST Scholars Committee explaining your interest in attending a conference, and describing how it relates to and will enhance your experience as a TRUST student.
  3. A website link or brochure to the conference you wish to attend.
  4. An estimated budget (included on below form) with your expected costs (including registration; travel – airline ticket or MapQuest if travelling by car; lodging; transportation ‐ shuttle, taxi, mass transit, etc.; per diem for non‐covered conference meals; etc.
    • Students should check for special student registration rates and ask for conference or state rates when reserving lodging.

After approval ‐ The TRUST Director will notify the student via email of total amount approved. The Director will request UW to cut and mail a stipend check to the student at the address provided on the below form. Students are responsible for making their own arrangements.

After travel ‐ Students must submit proof of attendance within 30 days of travel, which includes:

  • Lodging receipt – if requesting lodging assistance, AND
  • Informal summary of the conference (one to two paragraphs, a list of bulleted items pro/con, etc.),AND
  • Conference name badge, or
  • Transportation (shuttle, taxi, metro, etc.) receipt, or
  • Boarding pass

Last updated January 2015.