Clinical Course Requirements

• Twelve (12) credits of clinical courses in underserved settings.
o required clerkships
o elective clerkships
o sub-internships
o advanced preceptorships
o special electives
o Clinical Rotations

Selecting and Tracking Courses

Below is a partial list of pathway-approved courses.

If you are interested in a clinical course not listed here, email, to request approval of the course for fulfilling pathway requirements.

To keep track of your completed course requirements, log in to your Pathway Tracker.

Courses that Satisfy Pathway Requirements

Clerkships completed at Community Health Centers, Indian Health Service clinics, Tribal and Alaska Native health centers are eligible for UP credit.

Clerkships completed at Swedish First Hill the Underserved Pathway team needs to know; the percent time spent at each of the Swedish First Hill sites. Partial credit is available depending on the percentage of time spent in underserved clinic. Email for approval.

Clerkships completed at RUOP sites are eligible for UP credit.

Clerkships at VA count.


ANEST 665 Anchorage, AK (4)
ANEST 678 P - Basic Anesthesia Clerkship VA (Elective)
ANEST 680 P - Basic Anesthesia UWMC (Elective)


CONJ 625 Global Health Clinical Elective
CONJ 680 Introduction to Detoxification and Rehabilitation Programs for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
CONJ 676 Prison/Corrections Medicine Clerkship, Connell, WA

Chronic Care / Rehab
CONJ 688 VAMC Rehabilitation Medicine Service (RMS)

Family Medicine

FAMED 630 WRITE Clerkships 
FAMED 634 P Mount Edgecumbe Hospital, Sitka, AK (12) 
FAMED 636 P Wenatchee Area Physicians and Satellite Sites (12) 
FAMED 638 P Columbia Basin Health Association, Othello, WA (12) 
FAMED 640 P Clinical Clerkship in Family Medicine Boise (12)
FAMED 643 P Tacoma Family Medicine, Tacoma, WA (12) 
FAMED 646 P Swedish First Hill, Seattle, WA (12) 
o Need to know the percent time spent at each of the Swedish First Hill sites. Partial credit available depending on the percentage of time spent in underserved clinic.
FAMED 647 P Swedish Cherry Hill, Seattle, WA (12) 
FAMED 648 P Valley Family Medicine, Renton, WA (12) 
FAMED 650 P Anacortes Fidalgo Medical Associates, Anacortes, WA (12)
FAMED 653 P Providence Family Medicine Residency, Anchorage, AK (12) 
FAMED 657 P Intermountain Medical Clinic, Pocatello, ID (12) 
FAMED 658 P Sea Mar Community Health Center, Seattle, WA (12) 
FAMED 659 P Country Doctor Community Clinic, Seattle, WA (12) 
FAMED 660 P Central Washington Family Medicine, Yakima, WA (12) 
FAMED 662 P Family Medical Center, Buffalo, WY (12) 
FAMED 663 P Petersburg Medical Center Clinic, Petersburg, AK (12) 
FAMED 664 P Billings Family Medicine Residency, Billings, MT (12) 
FAMED 670 Advanced Underserved Preceptorship in WWAMI Area 
FAMED 671 Advanced Underserved Preceptorship in The United States 
FAMED 680 Traditional Indian Medicine Clerkship
FAMED 681 Indian Health Clerkship


MEDECK 638 Clinical Infectious Diseases, Yakima Chest Clinic
MEDECK 612 Clinical HIV Care (8)
MEDECK 619 Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (2)
MEDECK 617 Harborview Evening Clinic (4 quarters, every Tuesday evening)
MEDECK 651 Anchorage, Alaska Native Medical Center
MEDRCK 691 Boise, ID Clinical Clerkship Boise


NEURL 634 Anchorage, AK
NEURL P - Introduction to Neurology - VA (Required)


OB GYN, 687, Fairbanks, AK (12)
OB GYN 666, Boise, ID (12) -- (Not an active site)
OB GYN, 690, Sandpoint, ID (12)
OB GYN, 689, Havre, MT (12) -- (Not an active site)
OB GYN, Libby, MT (12) -- (Not an active site)
OB GYN, 692, Bozeman, MT (12) -- Starting 2015-16
OB GYN, 663, Wenatchee, WA (12)
OB GYN 632, Bellingham, WA (12) (PeaceHealth)
OB GYN, 686, Yakima, WA (12)
OB GYN, Ellensburg, WA (12) -- Starting 2015-16
OB GYN 657, Lander, WY (12)
OB GYN 659, Cody, WY (12)
OB GYN 679, Cheyenne, WY (12)
OB GYN 644, Gillette, WY (12)
OB GYN 645, Sheridan, WY (12)
OB GYN 650, Kalispell, WY (12)
OB GYN, 677, Rock Springs, WY (12)


OPHTH 688 Anchorage, AK
OPHTH 685 P - Ophthalmology Clerkship (Elective)


ORTHP 680 P-General Orthopaedic Clerkship VAWC


OTOHN 682 P - Ottolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Clerkship - VA
OTOHN 688 Anchorage, AK


PEDS 611 City Doc Free Teen Clinic
PEDS 658 P-Pediatric General Clerkship - Boise
PEDS 665 P Pediatric General Clerkship - Harborview Clinic and Odessa Brown Clinic
PEDS, Wenatchee Valley, WA
PEDS, Pocatello, ID


Basic Clerkship
PBSCI 665 P-Basic Clinical Clerkship VA
PBSCI 672 P -Elective Clerkship in Primary Care Psychiatry at Boise VAMC (Elective)


RADGY 691 Anchorage, AK (4)


SURG 603 P - Clinical Clerkship - Spokane VAMC
SURG 646 Rural Surgery – Gillette, WY
SURG 661 P - Surgical Intensive Care Unit Sub-Internship VA (Elective)
SURG 664 P - Sub-Internship in General Surgery VAMC (Elective)
SURG 673 P - Clinical Clerkship


UROL 679 P- Uology P-Urology Clerkship Boise VA