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01-06-2016 Challenges of Preservation and Expansion of Regional Family Medicine Workforce Ardis Davis, MSW, Marcia A. McGuire, MA, Judith Pauwels, MD, Nancy Stevens, MD, MPH, and Amanda Weidner, MPH N/A
11-04-2015 Who’s Entering and Who is Leaving Health Care, and Why Do We Care? Bianca Frogner N/A
03-04-2015 Ebola: Global Update and CDC Activities Chris Sanford, MD, MPH, DTM&H N/A
06-03-2015 The role of clinical pathways in primary care: a conceptual framework Richard Waters, MD Adam Drechsler, MD Andrew Gomez, MD Available
05-06-2015 Physician Assistant Education: National and Local Trends Terry Scott, MPA, PA-C, and Linda Vorvick, MD N/A
10-06-2010 Development of a Practice Based Research Network in the WWAMI States Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH; Alfred O. Berg, MD, MPH; Ardis Davis, MSW; Gina Keppel, MPH N/A
11-03-2010 Automatic External Defibrillators in Schools: Research to Reality Jon Drezner, MD N/A
12-01-2010 First Year Students' Perception of Pain Encounters in the Primary Care Setting Corinne Corrigan, MN, ARNP N/A
01-05-2011 Evaluation of the Direct Observation Precepting Model Valerie Ross, MS Larry B. Mauksch, MEd N/A
03-02-2011 Setting Standards for Systematic Reviews: A New Report from the Institute of Medicine Alfred O. Berg, MD, MPH N/A
04-06-2011 The Contributions of International Medical Graduates to Healthcare Delivery for Rural Underserved Populations Davis G. Patterson, PhD N/A
05-04-2011 Colorectal, Breast, and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Women: How Do Reported Physician Practice Patterns Compare to The USPSTF Recommendations? Hajar Kadivar, MD N/A
06-01-2011 Professionalism in Medical Education Raye Maestas, MD N/A
11-02-2011 Ten-year trends in the financing of family medicine residency training programs. The UW FM Residency Network Benchmarking Project Judy Pauwels, MD Associate Professor of Family Medicine N/A
12-07-2011 A Vignette-Based Study of Physicians’ Behavior and Attitudes towards Ovarian Cancer and Women’s Health Care in the U.S Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD Professor Department of Family Medicine University of Washington N/A
01-04-2012 Resident (R1) Research and Demographics in Northgate Community with Evidence-based Outcomes in Relation to the Clinic Move Justin Osborne and Residents N/A
02-01-2012 Palliative Care ≠ End of Life Care Stu Farber, MD Associate Professor Department of Family Medicine University of Washington N/A
03-07-2012 Improving the Management of Chronic Non-cancer Pain and Opioid Addiction in Rural Washington Roger Rosenblatt, MD, MPH, MFR Available
04-04-2012 Evidence in the Other Washington: the ACA, IOM and PCORI Al Berg, MD, MPH, Professor of Family Medicine N/A
05-02-2012 Satisfaction and retention of family physicians working in Community Health Centers Allison Cole Senior NRSA Fellow N/A
06-06-2012 40 Years of the MEDEX Admissions Process: Using the Peace Corps Model to Choose Primary Care Clinicians Ruth Ballweg MPA, PA-C Associate Professor MEDEX Northwest N/A
08-01-2012 Medical Student Education Misbah Keen, MD, MBI, MPH, Toby Keys, MA, MPH, Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD Available
10-03-2012 Introducing the EQuAT: An Educational Quality Assessment Tool to Guide Self-Evaluation and Improvement in Family Medicine Residencies Ardis Davis, Lisa Johnson, Amanda Harris, Nancy Stevens Available
11-07-2012 Sports Medicine - Tendinopathy Kim Harmon, MD Available
12-05-2012 Primary Care Residency Choice and Underserved Pathway Participation Amanda Kost, MD Available
03-06-2013 Updates from the CDC: Contraceptive Guidelines for Clinical Use Emily Godfrey N/A
06-05-2013 Centering Pregnancy: Highlights, Challenges, and Successes in implementing Group Prenatal care at Columbia Health Center Jane Huntington, Claire Fung, and Megan Wilson N/A
07-03-2013 Chronic Pain Management Mary Catlin and Lucinda Grande N/A
08-07-2013 The Affordable Care Act: On the Bumpy Road to Single Payer Medicine John Geyman and David Gimlett N/A
09-04-2013 Longitudinal Integrated Clinical Education (LICE) for Medical Students Tom Norris N/A
10-02-2013 The Primary Care of Cancer Survivors Pam Pentin Available
11-06-2013 Washington State Health Policy: Opportunities for Relevant Research Bob Crittenden, MD N/A
12-04-2013 Old, new, and different ways to teach and learn about diagnostic tests in primary care Matthew Thompson, MBChB, DPhil N/A
01-08-2014 Family medicine resident billing: Lost revenue and compliance concerns Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD, and Dave Evans, MD N/A
02-05-2014 Chronic Disease in Global Health: Challenges and Opportunities Tina Neogi, MD, MPHc Available
03-05-2014 Patient Centered Medical Home: What's the evidence? WWAMI region Practice and Research Network panel N/A
04-02-2014 Randomized Clinical Trial of Bidirectional Text Messaging to Improve Adherence to Recommended Lipid Testing Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH Caitlin Morrison, MPH Available
08-06-2014 Formation and Future Directions of the UW Department of Family Medicine Global Health Fellowship: How to form a non-ACGME-Accredited Fellowship in ten easy steps Chris Sanford, MD Elisha Nziengui Boussengui, MD N/A
10-01-2014 A peek at the Underserved Pathway: Be an UP student for a day Amanda Kost, MD Dave Evans, MD Sharon Dobie, MD, MCP Jaime Fitch Available
11-05-2014 WPRN 2014: Activities, Accomplishments, and Results from the Study. Use of Mobile Health (mHealth) Tools by Primary Care Patients in the WWAMI region Practice and Research Network Amy Bauer, MD, MS Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH Available
12-03-2014 Bridging Family Medicine and Surgery: the role of pre anesthesia and enhanced recovery initiatives Nathalie Bentov, MD N/A
01-07-2015 Conveying Hope in Tough Times Lucille Marchand, MD, BSN N/A
02-04-2015 Global PA Development Ruth Ballweg, MPA, PA-C Available
04-01-2015 GFUP Results Amanda Weidner, MPH Available