Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine

Seattle, Washington

Since 1974, the mission of the Swedish Family Medicine Residency Program Cherry Hill has been to improve the well-being and health of the medically and socially underserved by training doctors to provide comprehensive, high-quality and continuous health care to diverse populations. The residency is a member of the University of Washington's Affiliated Network of Family Medicine Residency Programs.

We provide a setting uniquely adapted for training family physicians to practice in a multi-cultural community, with a curriculum framework that guarantees the flexibility and breadth that lies at the foundation of family medicine. We place particular emphasis on inpatient care, obstetrics, behavioral science, and cultural sensitivity in a multidisciplinary setting.

The core of our training takes place within three family medicine centers in Seattle: Swedish Family Medicine Clinic Cherry Hill, Sea Mar Community Health Center and Seattle Indian Health Board. Joined by their common mission, each of the three residency sites provides care that focuses on, but is not limited to, a particular population. Although the training requirements in all three centers are identical, the patient populations vary. Nearly all of our graduates work with underserved populations incorporating inpatient care and obstetrics.

Swedish Medical Center is an equal-opportunity employer, and we strongly encourage minority candidates to apply to our program.

The goals of the Swedish Family Medicine Residency Program Cherry Hill are:

  • To maintain and continuously improve our education program for the family physician of the future so they are qualified to practice superb family medicine in all possible settings.
  • To provide the highest-quality culturally sensitive medical service to our patients as individuals, families and communities.
  • To provide training in and exposure to an underserved practice environment, thus encouraging but not limiting this as a career choice for graduates.
  • To operate the residency as a partnership between faculty and residents by providing maximum learner autonomy, while maintaining the highest educational standards.
  • To foster an attitude towards lifelong learning among residents, which will give them the tools for future growth, regardless of how their practice changes over time.

Further requests for information about the residency, the community, and the application process should be directed to:

(206) 320-2233
Fax (206) 320-8173 (24 hours)
e-mail: Bobby.Gauthier@Swedish.org
web: http://www.swedishcherryhillfmr.org