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    Full Time

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    Makah Tribe


The clinic is located in the seaside fishing village of Neah Bay on the Makah Indian Reservation across the waters from Vancouver Island, British Columbia and nestled amongst coastal mountains. One narrow, serpentine road winds along the coastline to connect the village to the Olympic Peninsula. Rocky headlands and wide sandy beaches typify the shoreline of the Reservation, of which over 1,000 acres of the Tribal trust land bordering the Pacific Ocean have been reserved as a Wilderness Area. An abundance of fish and seafood are available for those who enjoy the culinary delights of the sea. Pristine beaches, sea stacks, and hikes through mossy pine forests are some of the local attractions that visitors enjoy. Kayaking, hiking, fishing, and surfing make this an attractive place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts.

For some pictures of the area and information about the Makah culture go to http://www.makah.com/ and http://www.northolympic.com/makah/

The small town, friendly atmosphere of Neah Bay and the unique culture and pride of the Makah people offer a fulfilling experience for visitors to the area., Chronic care management is stable and therapeutic patient/provider relationships are well on their way to being established. The clinic has experienced turnover due to retirement of their Clinical Director and relocation of a husbhand/wife MD team who returned to their home in the South. However, there are 4 clinicians who have 1.5 or less months experience with us. These providers include, one pediatric MD who is our clinical director, three NP’s and on ND. The practice environment typically allows providers to spend time with their patients, which is a benefit rarely allowed in many managed care environments today. Walk-in care is also provided and heavily used by the patient population. Walk-ins make up 35%-45% of a typical day.

The primary care clinic staff provide care for a challenging and varied range of health conditions with approximately 15,000 patient visits annually. In addition to the clinic schedule, the 4 medical staff rotate Call to provide 24 hour a day/7 day a week urgent care coverage, with flexible scheduling so that you have days off from clinic when you are on Call. The Call volume is typically light and it is rare to get a call for unstable chronic conditions after hours. The EMS program is strong with dedicated volunteers and staff to assist in emergency situations. The clinic has a full pharmacy, dental services, minimal in-house laboratory, and an x-ray machine. The clinic utilizes an Electronic Health Records system and providers enter patient visits into the computer or dictate notes.

We have a full pharmacy, staffed with two Pharmacists, one of which is a PharmD and two Pharmacy Technicians. We also have a full lab and digital radiology as well as a Dental office that employs two full time Dentists and 4 Dental Assistants. Our Mental Health department employees 4 Mental Health Counselors. Our Chemical Dependency Department has 3 counselors and one Administrative Assistant. Our newest addition is our Integrative Medicine Division where our Clinicians can refer our patients for massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, physical therapy or bio-feedback. In 2013 The Integrative Medicine, Mental Health, Chemical Dependency Program, Public and Community Health programs moved into a new facility that is approximately 2 miles from the ambulatory clinic.

The Sophie Trettevick Indian Health Center clinic is fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAHC).

The clinic was formally compacted by the Tribe in 2006 and is now a Tribally operated clinic.