New Innovations Residency Management Suite


Click to learn more about the New Innovations software suite. New Innovations Residency Management Suite is a tool that assists medical schools, hospitals and private practices in the area of medical education, department administration, and schedule automation. The Family Medicine Residency Network subscribes to this service. This software can assist programs in the following areas:


  • Personnel Data / Demographics
  • Custom Reports
  • IRIS
  • Billing
  • Schedules
  • Duty Hours
  • Evaluations
  • Procedure Logging
  • Conferences
  • RRC Review

For an overview of features, please take a look at the powerpoint presentation provided by New Innovations.

We are continually working with this company to improve the software, making it even more useful to the network programs. If you have feedback or suggested changes, please email Paul Ford .

You may quickly access this tool from anywhere within the network portion of this website by using the "NI Login" link on the homepage.