As members of the Residency Network, affiliated programs receive a host of services:

Program Development Services:

  • Consultation with network faculty experts on new program development
  • New Program/Director toolkit with resources for each stage of program development
  • Assistance creating a New Innovations residency administration site
  • Consultation with other staff and faculty as needed
  • Assistance in creating promotional brochures and other materials.

Faculty Development Services:

  • A five week on-campus Faculty Development Fellowship
  • Faculty Scholarship Opportunities through the Family Physicians Inquiries Network
  • Director Development Sessions that qualify for CME credit
  • Chief Resident training course
  • On-line resource library
  • Supported with promotional brochures, promotional emails and online registration

Reviews/Consultation Services:

  • Facilitation of program-to-program sharing of best practices & faculty expertise
  • Internal reviews required for national accreditation
  • Peer consultations
  • Grant reviews

Meetings & Teleconferencing Services:

  • Meetings for affiliated Network peer groups to facilitate best practices and resource sharing; meetings include quarterly directors meetings and annual meetings for residency coordinators, behavioral scientists, administrators
  • Teleconferences and webinars are also available in between annual meetings for these same groups using Adobe Connect Classroom
  • Creation and maintenance of email list-serves for all Network groups

Marketing/Recruitment Services:

  • Advertising family physician practice opportunities in the WWAMI NET/WORK newsletter; ads are free for Network members
  • Residency Connections, an interactive marketing website targeted to medical student applicants that showcases the unique aspects of each Network program
  • Coordination of a combined applicant interview schedule for the WWAMI region
  • Coordination of recruitment booths at the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents & Students that represent all affiliated Network programs
  • Coordination with Medical Student section to involve Network faculty in student recruitment activities and the student Family Medicine Interest Group

Administrative Services:

  • Detailed reports and data from our Salary and Benchmarking surveys and customized reports from our biennial Graduate Follow-up Surveys
  • Development & maintenance of databases for Network resident and graduate information
  • Dissemination of state/national legislative & regulatory information
  • Processing of clinical faculty appointments and Network affiliation agreements
  • Grant writing & administration for Network wide projects
  • Network budget oversight and administration
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Processing travel reimbursement for affiliated network residents, faculty and staff as eligible

Groups Coordinated by the Network

The FMRN coordinates a number of groups, including scheduling meetings, creating email list-serves, and facilitating sharing of resources.

  • Network Program Directors
  • Residency Coordinators
  • Chief Residents
  • Directors’ Executive Committee
  • Directors’ Finance Committee
  • Directors’ Legislative Committee
  • Faculty Development Fellows
  • Family Medicine Education Advisory Committee
  • Behavioral Scientist Faculty
  • Program Administrators
  • ALSO/OB Coordinators
  • Special Project Task Forces