Executive Committee:

Part of the decentralized governance structure used to improve communication and facilitate decision-making. It conducts the work of the Network between regular Directors meetings and facilitates information flow throughout the Network. It is comprised of a President, Vice President, Network Senior Advisor, Education Chair, Member-at-Large, Finance Chair, Network Director (Ex-officio); and Dept. Administrator, (Ex-officio). The committee meets quarterly prior to Directors’ meetings and monthly by phone. Typical agenda items include strategic initiatives, regional and national support for graduate medical education in Family Medicine, Network finances, agendas for directors’ meetings, affiliation and internal reviews, marketing issues, and clinical faculty appointments.

Finance Committee:

A subset of the Executive Committee, has oversight of Network finances and expenditures. Members include the President, Finance Chair, Network Director, Network Senior Advisor, and Network Manager (Ex-officio). The committee meets quarterly prior to Directors’ meetings.

Education Committee:

Oversees Network faculty development and other educational activities, including director development sessions prior to each directors meeting, faculty development workshops, grant-funded faculty development programs, chief resident training, ALSO and other clinical training throughout the Network.

Legislative Committee:

Established in 2004 when Network Directors realized the importance of educating themselves and their legislators about state and federal issues directly impacting Family Medicine residency education. This committee, which includes representatives from each state and urban and rural areas of Washington, is recognized nationally for its effectiveness in communicating clearly and quickly on key issues.

Family Medicine Education Advisory Board: 

The Family Medicine Education Advisory Board advises on the allocation of funds to support residency education in the state of Washington. The Board has a strong focus on increasing family physicians in rural and underserved communities. More information can be found on Governor Inslee’s website.

Strategic Initiative Committees/Taskforces:

Developed periodically as needed to move forward on initiatives related to the Network’s Strategic Plan.