Residency Administration


Who We Are?

We are Family Medicine residency administrative professionals who support programs across the Family Medicine Residency Network.

Residency Coordinator Mentor/Mentee Program:

We are building our mentor/mentee program for our residency administration management group which includes Residency Coordinators and Program Administrators. We especially encourage new programs to participate in the mentoring process. To be matched with a mentor or a mentee, please contact Bobby Gauthier at Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency Program.



Our first Professional Development seminar will be in April 26, 2013 from 1-2:30pm PST. Join us! All residency coordinators and residency administrative staff are welcome! Details can be found here: Residency Professional Development Session April 26, 2013

The Annual Residency Coordinator’s meeting will be in October 2013. Stay tuned, the date will determined at our webinar on April 26th.


Residency Administration Resources:

Managing a residency program is a balance of multi-tasking, prioritizing, and time management. Every program is different, but we all share common deadlines, goals, and resources. Under the Resources tab, we have shared some resources and common terminology to help you run a busy Family Medicine residency program. We encourage you to send us any resources you think would be helpful to have on the site. Please note some resources are available to WWAMI affiliated members only and require a UWNetID to access them. Please call the Network office 206.685.1856 if you have any questions about your UWNetId.