UW Family Medicine - Spring 2013 Newsletter

UW Family Medicine Spring 2013 Newsletter

Chair's Notes
Tom E. Norris, MD

Spring is here at UW.  Daffodils and tulips are blooming, and we will soon see the cherry blossoms on upper campus.  As I write my comments for this newsletter our preclinical medical students are eagerly anticipating clerkships, our senior medical students are considering their match results and anticipating graduation, while our senior residents are looking forward to practice or fellowships. This is clearly a time of new beginnings.

Faculty recruitment has been a major focus for the Department over the last few months.  Last fall Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH, notified us that she planned to step down as head of the Research Section in the fall of 2013.  Discussions among the Department research leaders led to a decision to externally recruit a new Vice-Chair for Research, who will also serve as Head of the Research Section.  This decision has resulted in an extensive international search for an experienced senior family physician research leader with a strong history of extramural funding.

In another area, UW Medicine has  created  a  Center  of Excellence in Palliative Care. Included in this development is the selection of Stuart Farber, MD, as the Director of Clinical Care for the Center.   This has led the Department to undertake a recruiting effort for a family physician trained and experienced in Palliative Care to serve as Director of the Palliative Care Service at UW Medical Center.  We have interviewed several people for this position and the search is still underway.

Hank Pelto, MD

Finally, the planned opening of a new sports medicine clinic in the rebuilt Husky Stadium has led us to add a family physician with sports medicine training to expand our capacity in the clinic.  We have recruited Henry Pelto, MD, who will complete his Sports Medicine Fellowship on July 1, 2013, to join the Department’s Sports Medicine Section.  Hank will divide his time between the  new  sports  medicine  clinic,  the  Husky  intercollegiate  athletics  training room, and practicing Family Medicine the UW Neighborhood Clinics.



Awards:  Springtime is also a time for awards, and the Department and our faculty have been very successful.  Once again, U.S. News and World Report magazine has recognized the U.W. Department of Family Medicine as the #1 Department in the country.  They have also recognized us as the #1 Rural  Health  School.  Additionally  Jon  Drezner,  Laura-Mae  Baldwin,  Sharon  Dobie,  and  Chris Sanford were all recognized by U.S. News as being among Seattle’s Top Doctors.  The AAFP has determined that U.W. is one of the Top Ten Schools in the country with a 3-year average of 17.3% of our graduates entering Family Medicine residencies.  The Washington Rural Health Association is recognizing Roger Rosenblatt with their Friend of Rural Health Award.  Larry Mauksch has been recognized by the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association with the Don Bloch Award, their highest honor.

At last year’s Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) meeting a team that included Larry Mauksch and Judy Pauwels won the award for Best Presentation.  This year STFM has selected the TRUST program for recognition with the STFM Innovative Program Award, and they have selected me as the recipient of the F. Marion Bishop Award for long-term commitment to academic Family Medicine.  At the Washington Academy of Physician Assistants meeting in January, three MEDEX faculty members were recognized with awards: Lois Thetford, PA-C (Lifetime Achievement Award), FJ (Gino) Gianola, PA-C (Humanitarian Service Award), and T.J. Byrne, PA-C (Excellence in Teaching Award). Overall an outstanding year for our faculty, and I congratulate them.

Lois Thetford, PA-C

Gino Gianola, PA-C

T.J. Byrne, PA-C

Medical Student Education:  Many members of the Medical Student Education Section are heavily involved  in  the  Curriculum  Renewal  Process,  and  I  hope  to  bring  you  details  in  our  summer newsletter.   We have just received the Match results for our graduating students.   Once again, we have been quite successful, with 37 students matching in Family Medicine.  Twenty-two of these UW students (59%) matched in the WWAMI Family Medicine Residency Network.

Residency:  The UW Family Medicine Residency is very pleased to announce that it has matched with the following residents:

Meenadchi Chelvakumar, MD
University of Illinois
College of Medicine

Adam Drechsler, MD
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
School of Medicine

Angad Singh,MD
University of Michigan
Medical School

Gregory Van Epps, DO
Western University of Health Sciences
College of Osteopathic Med
of the Pacific

Jennifer Low, MD, MPH
University of Toledo
College of Medicine

David Siebert, MD
University of Chicago
Pritzker School of Medicine

Maria “Pia” Castillo, MD
Albert Einstein
College of Medicine
Yeshiva University

Allison Berry, MD
John Hopkins
School of Medicine

Congratulations to our new residents!

Residency  Network:    I  am  very  pleased  to  report  that  all  of  the  Family  Medicine  Residency Programs in our Network filled completely through the match process.  This includes the new programs in East Pierce County and in Missoula.  Congratulations to both of the programs and to the new residents who will join them!

Research:  As previously noted, we are in the final stages of naming a new Research Section Head and Vice Dean for Research.  I will provide you with complete details on this individual in our next newsletter.  At our Departmental retreat last summer, we spent time considering how to support the scholarly activities of the Clinician Teacher faculty in our Department.  The Research Section is playing a major role in this effort.  From individual mentoring, to focused research topic teaching, to working as co-authors with Clinician Teachers, the Research Section faculty members are truly supporting their colleagues.

Sports Medicine:  In mid-August the new 30,000 square foot Stadium Sports Medicine Clinic will open as part of the new Husky Stadium.  The main practice sites of our Sports Medicine physicians will be relocated from the Hall Health Student Health Center to the new clinic.  This new site will also be the primary location for our Sports Medicine Fellowship, which will increase in size from one to two fellows per year the summer.

MEDEX:  MEDEX Northwest continues to grow.  Accreditation and funding have been received for a new branch in Tacoma.  This new educational site will be located on the Tacoma Campus of the University of Washington and will focus on training veterans as physician assistants.

Summary:  In Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy observed that “spring is the time of plans and projects.” This is clearly the situation for the Department at this time.  Thanks to you and all of the support that you are providing, we are making progress on many fronts.  There is a lot going on, and our future is not only busy, but also bright.

Tom Norris, MD Professor and Chair


In Memory - Ralph Robert Hadac, Ph.D.

October 25, 1935 - January 7, 2013

Ralph died at home after a lengthy battle with cancer at the age of 77.

Born in Chicago, Illinois to William R. and Mildred L. Hadac, he grew up in Cicero and Berwyn, Illinois.  Ralph graduated in the top of his class at JS Morton High School in 1953.  He then attended MIT in Boston, graduating in Business Engineering in 1958.   He was a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity.

In the summer of 1958, he and his wife Lucy Johnson Hadac moved to Seattle, Washington where Ralph began work at the Boeing Company on the 707; he was soon transferred to the aerospace division, where he remained until 1970.  At that time he enrolled in the University of Washington, eventually receiving his Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, School of Education, in 1972.

He was employed by the University of Washington in the Departments of Family Medicine and the Office of Research in Medical Education while he began work on his doctorate degree.  While working part time in the Medical Student Education program, he became an expert at seeking large government grants.  Ralph was awarded his PhD in Educational Psychology, School of Education, in 1983.

In  1991  Ralph  became  the  Executive  Director  of  the  Horizons  Foundation,  a  private  family foundation in Seattle.   He continued working daily until 3 weeks before his death.   He became a strong environmentalist, supporting a large part of the Foundation's mission of working with environmental causes in Washington State.  The Foundation provided money in 2003 to start a new course, Environmental Change and Human Health:  The Role of the Health Professional, which was jointly offered by the Departments of Family Medicine and Health Services.

A private burial service will be held at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Seattle.  A celebration of Ralph's life with friends and family will be held towards spring in Seattle.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to Seattle Audubon Society, 8050 35th Ave. N.E., Seattle, WA 98105; Earthjustice, 705 2nd Ave., #203, Seattle, WA 98104; or to a charity of your choice. Please see Ralph's online Guest Book at www.Legacy.com.  View the entire obituary here.


Upcoming Events

Department Fair
Please join us for the Third Annual Department Fair on April 10, 2013, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, in room SCC 316.  Refreshments will be provided.  Our agenda includes a department update from Dr. Norris; presentations from Judy Pauwels, Ardis Davis, Lois Thetford, Tim Quigley, and four of our R3s; and a great selection of posters.  We are asking that everyone RSVP so that we have enough food and seating.  Please RSVP at http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/nlkox no later than April 5, 2013.

Grand Rounds 2013
The schedule for Family Medicine Grand Rounds is below.  Please note that we still do not have presenters for April 3, May 1, and December 4; if you would like to present on one of these days, please contact Bill Phillips at  wphllps@u.washington.edu or Katie Clements by phone at the Admin main line or by email at cfcoordinator@fammed.washington.edu.

Grand Rounds 2013 Schedule

April 3 available
May 1 available
June 5 Jane Huntington, Claire Fung, and Megan Wilson presenting "Centering Pregnancy: Highlights, Challenges, and Successes in implementing Group Prenatal care at Columbia Health Center".
July 3 Mary Catlin and Lucinda Grande and medical student Elizabeth Hutchinson presenting on Chronic Pain Management.
August 7 John Geyman and David Gimlett presenting "The Affordable Care Act: On the
Bumpy Road to Single Payer Medicine".
September 4 Tom Norris presenting "Longitudinal Integrated Clinical Education (LICE) for
Medical Students".
October 2 Bob Crittenden presenting "Washington State health policy and relevant research".
November 6 Pam Pentin presenting "The Primary Care of Cancer Survivors".
December 4 available


For more information, see the Grand Rounds website here.


Medical Student Education

The new Primary Care Course, FAMED 530, has delivered a remarkable success in its first offering this Winter Quarter 2013.  Because of broad interest, we had to limit the class size to 24 students and put together an inter-professional group from medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, social work and public health.  The course included classroom teaching and discussion, web-based instruction, online student-to-student  interaction,  visits  to  Family  Medicine  practices,  and  student  projects.    Most students described the course as a life-altering experience; it has changed their understanding of Family Medicine and comprehensive patient care.  All students point to the same revelations: the variety of problems seen in office practice, the number and complexity of problems managed in primary care, and the value of ongoing relationships in patient care.  Course leader Bill Phillips is currently conducting a formal course evaluation.

Dr. William R. Phillips Appointed to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

William R. Phillips,

William R. Phillips, MD, MPH, has been appointed to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force by the director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Dr. Phillips is the Theodore J. Phillips Endowed Professor in Family Medicine and Clinical Professor of Health Services at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Dr. Phillips will join fellow experts in evidence-based medicine from many health-related fields including Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, pediatrics, behavioral health, obstetrics/gynecology, and nursing to rigorously review existing peer-reviewed evidence and evaluating the benefits and harms of preventive  services. The Task Force works to improve the health of all Americans by making evidence-based recommendations about clinical preventive services such as screenings, counseling services, and preventive medications. Task Force recommendations have informed clinical standards for many professional societies, health organizations, and medical quality review groups.

The Task Force is an independent volunteer panel of national experts in prevention and evidence- based medicine. More information on the Task Force is available here.

View Dr. Phillips’s HSERV bio, SPH bio, and Family Medicine bio.

Underserved Pathway
The Underserved Pathway continues to grow and has 204 students currently enrolled.  Along with the other pathways, the Underserved Pathway was featured in the February 5 opening night of the 2013 Mini Medical School hosted by UW Medicine.   A panel of four students (Abby Kelly for the Underserved Pathway, Han Lee for Global Health), Kaanan Silvas for Indian Health), and Claudia Diaz for Hispanic Health) participated in the presentation.  For more information about this presentation see "One School’s Approach to Extracurricular Pathways" on the UW Medicine Mini- Med Sessions page.  For Autumn Quarter, the Underserved Pathway held a session on Advocacy. Participants learned how to lobby, write a letter to the editor, contact their legislature, and how to talk with the media.  David Evans represented the Underserved Pathway at the STFM Medical Education meeting and presented preliminary qualitative research on pathway participant career and residency choice.   Stay in constant contact with the Underserved Pathway by following us on Twitter; our handle is UWSOM_UP.



WWAMI region Practice and Research Network holds its Annual Meeting

Michael Parchman

The WWAMI region Practice and Research Network (WPRN) held its annual meeting on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, in Seattle, Washington.   Over 30 practice members attended, representing 15 WPRN member practices.  This year’s meeting brought together member practice representatives and academic investigators to discuss research ideas and develop new academic-community partnerships in the areas of use of mobile health technologies, contraceptive guideline adherence, and communication of colorectal cancer screening recommendations to patients’ social networks.  Michael Parchman, director of the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation at the Group Health Research Institute, was this year’s keynote speaker.  The meeting was sponsored by the Institute  of  Translational  Health  Sciences  and  organized  by  the  WPRN

Coordinating Center and Steering Committee.  For more information about the WPRN, contact Gina Keppel at gakeppel@uw.edu.

Project ROAM (Rural Opiate Addiction Management Project)
Project Roam staff ROAMED: Mary Catlin was on leave in Mongolia evaluating the national HPV
vaccine pilot program and modeling scenarios for the cost of cancer prevented via vaccines, cervical cancer screening, and treatment.

Wyoming Medical Student Ellen Campbell Thompson was awarded a Medical Student Research Training Program stipend to work with Drs. Lucinda Grande and Roger Rosenblatt on a system for managing chronic opioid therapy in a primary care setting.

On March 18, 2013, Project ROAM collaborated with Swedish Family Medicine to train Family Medicine residents, Madigan providers, UW and COH pain fellows, and UW Internal Medicine residents in the eighth and final Project ROAM course on treating opioid addiction in primary care. At press time, 65 providers were scheduled to attend.

Grants and Contracts
WWAMI RHRC researchers have been working with the National Rural Health Association on an
application for the competing renewal of the Rural Training Track (RTT) Technical Assistance Demonstration Program (9/1/2013 to 8/31/2016, PI: Tom Norris), a consortium of organizations working to sustain existing Family Medicine “1-2” RTT residencies and support the development of new ones.  If funded, the WWAMI RHRC will continue to build its RTT “masterfile” database and analyze  residencies’  characteristics  and  success  in  graduating  Family  Medicine  physicians  who choose rural practice.  For information, contact Davis Patterson at davisp@uw.edu.

With funding from the Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, CHWS researchers will carry out a four-month $121K study to assess future demand for five specific occupations in Washington State: home care aides, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, licensed practical nurses, and associate degree registered nurses.  Of particular interest is how these occupations' roles may be changing with implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  The project includes a subcontract with the Western Washington AHEC.  For information, contact Sue Skillman at skillman@uw.edu.



Freddy Chen has accepted the offer of chair of the STFM research committee.  He is excited to be on board over the next few years as STFM considers organizational changes to keep pace with changes in Family Medicine training.

Alex Stoller was elected in March to serve on the City of Burien Arts Commission.  She also serves on the King County Transit Action Committee, representing the south sound communities.

2013-2014 Chief Resident

Megan Wilson

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Megan Wilson as our incoming Chief Resident for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Her application was very strongly supported for this position by her Family Medicine resident colleagues and faculty and we are very happy to have her strengths and leadership in the residency for another year of teaching and education.  We look forward to working with her more in the upcoming year.  Congratulations, Megan!


Bob Crittenden

February 22, 2013, was Bob Crittenden's last day in the clinic as he took a leave to be the senior health policy advisor for Governor Inslee.  It's a great honor for Bob to be selected, and also a distinction for our clinic and department.  It's a good sign of the importance of Family Medicine to our state and to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

We congratulate Bob and thank him for his service to Harborview Family Medicine.  He started the clinic at Harborview from scratch and put together the terrific team of providers and staff that make us a model for team-based interprofessional practice and underserved medicine.  He has been a teacher, mentor, leader, and role model for all of us and will be greatly missed.

Having said that, Olympia isn't that far away and we expect to keep in touch with him as his work progresses.  Congratulations, Bob!


Dr. Sam Cullison

Dr. Sam Cullison is leaving his position as Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency Program Director in March 2013.  He has served as a committed educator and administrator in this role for 18 years and it is with sadness and fondness that we bid him farewell. A reception was held on February 28 to celebrate his distinguished tenure at Swedish and to wish him well on the next steps in his illustrious career in medical education.


Sports Medicine

Dr. Jonathan Drezner

ECG Interpretation in Athletes Dr. Jonathan Drezner was guest editor of the February 2013 issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine on ECG interpretation and improving cardiac care in athletes. The issue featured four key papers on ECG interpretation in athletes developed by a team of international leaders in sports cardiology and sports medicine with the intent of better identifying athletes at risk of sudden cardiac death. Each of the papers will tie to an online training module hosted by BMJ E- learning for physicians to gain expertise in ECG interpretation in athletes and the proper evaluation of ECG abnormalities suggestive of a pathologic cardiovascular disorder.


Dr. Kim Harmon

Congratulations to Dr. Kimberly Harmon and a multicenter investigator team who were selected as the winner of the AOSSM Biologic Treatments for Sports Injuries Research Grant for the study “Intratendinous injections of platelet‐poor plasma, or platelet rich plasma with or without leukocyte enrichment for patellar tendinopathy: a multi‐centre, double‐blind, randomized controlled trial.” The grant funding of $250,000 will allow UW to participate as one of 4 centers – Italy, Norway, Vail, and UW.



UW Medicine Mini-Medical School

Dr. Ashwin Rao

Dr. Ashwin Rao and Dr. Kimberly Harmon were selected as speakers for UW Medicine’s 2013 Mini-Medical School, one of the School of Medicine’s most exciting community outreach programs and among the most popular programs viewed on UWTV. They will be speaking on “Dangers facing young athletes: Coping with doping, concussions and sudden cardiac arrest.” Ashwin Rao, MD CME on Prevention of SCD in the Young Chaired by Dr. Jonathan Drezner, on January 17-18 the Department of Family Medicine hosted a very successful CME conference on Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young. The program highlighted many UW Medicine speakers from sports medicine and cardiology and addressed the frequency, causes, and diseases associated with SCD and examined models for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of SCD in the young.

Residents Pursuing Sports Medicine Fellowships
This year we have 3 graduating residents who matched at sports medicine fellowship programs. Congratulations to:

Dr. Brett Toresdahl (University of Washington)

Dr. Daphne Scott (University of Arizona)

Dr. Tyler Wheeler (Boise, Idaho)


WWAMI Region Update

Idaho’s largest Family Medicine residency, the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho Inc. (FMRI) in Boise, has been making great strides in growth to produce a larger Family Medicine workforce in Idaho. Idaho is tied for last in the nation in the number of primary care physicians per capita. FMRI recently moved their Meridian clinic to expand clinical capacity from four exam rooms and two providers to eleven exam rooms and five medical providers. FMRI has also increased the number of residents being trained and currently has 43 residents. As a result of this rapid growth, FMRI is recruiting faculty physicians with a strong desire to train the next generation of Family Medicine physicians which will serve patients, youth to elderly, urban to very rural. While the FMRI has striven to meet the needs of continued growth, it is equally determined to model quality education, being designated a Teaching Health Center and a Level 3 NCQA Certified Patient Centered Medical Home. Visit our website at www.fmridaho.org for more information about our growth and progress.

Additionally, FMRI is pleased to announce a new ACGME accredited fellowship in Geriatric Medicine serve the growing number of senior citizens seeking quality primary care in Idaho. This is a single year-long fellowship position available starting August 2013. This will be an exciting and innovative fellowship working with multiple hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, community agencies, and subspecialists, with flexibility built in to allow for the fellow to tailor part of the year to his or her individual academic and clinical interests. Key clinical and leadership training will be provided to prepare the fellow for a successful career in Geriatric Medicine.

Applications for the 2013-2014 academic year will be accepted starting immediately. Applicants must have graduated, or be on track to graduate this year, from a Family Medicine or Internal Medicine Residency Program, and will be expected to obtain an unrestricted Idaho State Medical License and DEA by the beginning of the fellowship.

Please email Program Director Dr. Todd Palmer at todd.palmer@fmridaho.org or Holly Taniguchi, Fellowship Coordinator, at hollytaniguchi@fmridaho.org with any questions or for additional information.

To begin the application process please send a curriculum vitae and a personal statement discussing your career goals as related to the fellowship to one of the emails above or mail them to:

FMRI Attn: Dr. Todd Palmer
C/O Holly Taniguchi
777 N Raymond
Boise, ID 83704



In February 2013, Medical Services International, Ltd., Tokyo, published a Japanese translation of the Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual, 4th edition, which Dr. Chris Sanford edits with Dr. Elaine Jong.  In 2011 the University of Peking University Medical Press published a Chinese translation.

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Mauksch   L.   Harvard   Medical   School   Center   for   Primary   Care,   Academic   Innovations Collaborative.  Invited plenary. Communication Training and Academic Practice Transformation: The intersection of teamwork, faculty development and competency assessment.

Mauksch   L.   Harvard   Medical   School   Center   for   Primary   Care,   Academic   Innovations Collaborative.  Invited workshop. A Team-Based Model of Relationship, Communication and Efficiency: Educational strategies and tools. Cambridge, MA. January, 2013.

Mauksch L. Oregon Primary Care Association. Invited workshop. Patient Centered Interactions: Blending efficiency and quality in a team based model. Medford, Or. December, 2012.

Mauksch L. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, AHEC Family Medicine Residency.
Invited  Faculty  Development  Sessions.  Patient Centered Medical Home: Communication
skills and teamwork and Competency assessment in residency training: Philosophy, tools, faculty development and barriers. Little Rock. December, 2012.

Mauksch L and Safford B. AAFP/STFM Conference on Practice Improvement. Invited workshop.
Tools for your team to engage patients in collaborative care. Greenville, South Carolina. December, 2012.

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HSERV592 rated top course
Our NRSA-VA Fellowship Research Seminar (HSERV592) was rated as a top course in the UW School of Public Health with a composite score of 5.0 on a scale that reaches, yes, 5.0.

Distinguished Staff Award
Alex Stoller was nominated for a Distinguished Staff Award from the faculty at the Family Medicine residency for 2013.

American Academy of Family Physicians 2013 Finalist for Family Physician of the Year

Dr Harold Johnston

Dr.   Harold   Johnston,   Program   Director   of   Alaska   Family   Medicine Residency,  was  recently  presented  with  an  award  from  the  American Academy of Family Physicians, recognizing him as an American Academy of Family Physicians 2013 Finalist for Family Physician of the Year.  He rose to the top of all nominations nationwide to become one of six finalists for this esteemed award.

In 2011, Dr. Johnston was named Alaska Academy of Family Physician’s Family Physician of the Year.  It was noted that “Dr. Harold Johnston is an intelligent and compassionate, yet humble physician who is an exceptional teacher and strong leader in Alaska and throughout the nation.  He inspires faculty, residents, and peers to pursue excellence in health and learning for

Congratulations to the CARES Award Recipients!
Family Medicine recipients of this award include: Barbara Bereiter, PSR at Northgate (MEDEX); Pam Yung, MD, at Factoria (Family Medicine Clinical Faculty); and the KDM Emergency Response Team, including Delilah Warrick, MD (Family Medicine Clinical Faculty).

The UW Medicine CARES Award program is based on the UWMC Service Culture Guideline values respect of privacy and confidentiality, effective communication, professional conduct, accountability, and commitment. These recipients have been chosen for their demonstrated commitment to these values.

Each recipient of the CARES Award has been chosen upon the testimonials of patients and peers in the workplace. Below you can read why each individual has been chosen.

Barbara Bereiter, Patient Service Representative – Northgate Clinic:
“We had a patient who was having a rough day, felt like she had no control over what was going on and upset.  I left for the day at 16:30 and patient was still here.  I happened to be walking by the movie theater a little after 18:30, when the clinic should have been closed, and noticed that Barbara was outside with this same patient.  Barbara was helping this patient into her coat, zipped her up and made sure her hood was on, making the patient feel safe and comfortable after a very long day. Patient then had to go wait for her ride.  I walked up to Barbara and talked to her for a moment and she said that she needed to grab her coat and wait with the patient since she felt she couldn't leave her outside in the dark by herself waiting for her ride.  This situation shows Barbara's true character.  She went above and beyond what she had to do.  UWNC is very lucky to have Barbara as an employee. Her compassion for others is apparent in all that she does.”


Pam Yung, MD – Factoria Clinic:
“I saw Dr. Yung for medical travel information.  She followed up with me promptly.  She even called my dermatologist to discuss my medical condition.  I felt this was over and above, so I felt I was in very good care.”

“Dr. Yung has been very helpful with my diabetes and high B.P.  With her help I've dropped 50 lbs and been taken off some of my meds.  I think she is a very good doctor and person.  I'm very happy with her as my doctor.”

“In her Super User role she has gone above and beyond to assist specialists as they start their practice at Factoria.  Most recently she worked with IT to quickly fix a problem with database resources that were not available to the specialist, and also to fix a problem where the computer was crashing and the specialist kept losing dictations.  Thank you, Pam, for going the extra mile!”

“Dr. Yung always takes her time to discuss my concerns.  She is very kind and thoughtful in her care. I appreciate her.  She never seems to be in a hurry to get to her next patient.  Thank you, Dr. Yung!”

“Dr. Yung always makes me feel that I am the most important patient.  She will work with me until I am completely satisfied whether it is by an appointment or through e-mails on U of W's system.  She is the best doctor I have ever had.  Positive asset for U of W.”

Kent/Des Moines Emergency Response Team - Jurilly Lemus; Cheryl Bryan; Dr. Warrick; Dr. Blessing; Clara Jandoc, MA; Elizabeth Reed, RN; Gary Miranda, LPN; and Debbie Ishii, MA.
“On Thursday, Dec 6, a patient was seen and was heading back out to his vehicle when he collapsed, hitting his face and experiencing a possible seizure.  The mother of the patient ran back in the clinic asking for someone to call 911.  There was an instant response by Jurilly Lemus and Cheryl Bryan who called for help amongst the staff then immediately called 911.  The above group of doctors and support staff came running out into the rain, helped the patient back inside and into an exam room where his injuries and vitals were assessed.   The teamwork and communication amongst the responders was incredible.  Dr. Warrick, Dr. Blessing, and Clara Jandoc, MA, were with the patient the entire time with vigilant support and assistance from Elizabeth Reed, RN, Gary Miranda, LPN, and Debbie Ishii, MA.   By the time the medics arrived, the above-named staff had ensured the patient's stability and had the necessary information for the medics to ensure his safe transport.  A huge shout-out to all for the immediate response and calm, efficient care in an emergency.”

Congratulations again to all of this season’s CARES Award recipients!  We thank you for your contribution and commitment to the UW Neighborhood Clinics.  Our next award recipients will be announced in October.  See the link below to nominate your colleagues.

Thank you to all who nominated individuals for this round of Cares!  Visit this link to nominate someone at UW Neighborhood Clinics.



Rosenblatt Family Endowed Professorship in Rural Health
We continue to showcase the impact of private support through the story of the creation of the
Rosenblatt Family Endowed Professorship in Rural Health.  It is a story of a family’s long-standing commitment to rural health, it is a story of friendship — and it is a story of the Department’s traditions of partnering with community physicians and strong faculty support.

In establishing the Rosenblatt Family Endowed Professorship in Rural Health, Roger and Fernne Rosenblatt have provided a permanent legacy to their life-long commitment to rural health education, patient care, and research.

When Robert Lundeen, former Chair of Dow Chemical, reached out to the UW School of Medicine for advice on addressing the health- care needs of his Orcas Island community, he was referred to Roger Rosenblatt.  With similar interests and a commitment to action, the two men became friends.  To honor this important relationship, Bob Lundeen made a significant commitment to the professorship.

And, like the Phillips Professorship effort, generous contributions from the Washington Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) and UW Department of Family Medicine faculty members successfully completed the fundraising campaign.

Roger and Fernne Rosenblatt

With full funding expected in 2014, the professorship will be formally established and the first holder named.  It is the Rosenblatts’ hope that the professorship will raise the profile of rural health by increasing the status and visibility of a highly talented family physician faculty member with a passion for rural health education, research, and clinical service.  Their overall goal is to increase the number of rural family physicians and improve access to high-quality medical care in the rural Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  Ultimately, they hope that the work of this distinguished faculty member will lead to more students practicing in rural areas.

As the department plans for the future, the professorship will allow an individual, committed to educating students for careers in rural health, to increase the intensity of his or her teaching, practice, and research.  Additionally, the professorship offers a great opportunity to build stronger partnerships with community physicians and further allow the department to realize needs of communities and act on opportunities through philanthropy.

The  professorship’s  story  truly  started  in  1971  when  Dr.  Theodore  J.  Phillips,  Chair  of  the Department of Family Medicine, recruited Dr. Rosenblatt to become the university’s first resident in Family Medicine.  Now, as an over 30-year veteran of the Department, Dr. Rosenblatt is widely credited for his work to integrate rural work into student rotation models.

Throughout his tenure at UW Medicine, Rosenblatt has helped over 2,400 students pursue a career in Family  Medicine  through  his  service  as  the  director  of  the  Rural/Underserved  Opportunities Programs and as the founder and currently a Co-Investigator of the WWAMI Rural Health Research Center and the WWAMI Center for Health Workforces Studies.


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