Holly Andrilla, MS
Research Scientist
Senior Investigator and Project Manager - WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
Family Medicine Research Section
Phone: (206) 685-6680
e-mail: hollya@uw.edu

Biographical Profile

C. Holly Andrilla, MS, Biostatistician and Research Scientist is the Centers' statistical consultant for all projects, is the lead analyst for many different health workforce-related projects, and has directed many surveys conducted by the Centers. Ms. Andrilla has been an analyst and biostatistical consultant for the Center since 1993. She is expert in managing large datasets; designing, performing and interpreting complex statistical analyses; and conducting survey research. Ms. Andrilla has had major analytic roles in workforce studies of physicians, physician assistants, dentists, dental hygienists, registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, and other groups. She has directed surveys of health care professionals and facilities, including a national survey of federally-funded health centers, a national survey of family practice residencies, a survey of dentists in 5 states, and surveys of Washington State's dental hygienists and nurse practitioners.

Current Projects

National survey of primary care providers practicing in rural areas, Study of rural prostate cancer patients treatment choices