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Family Planning and reproductive health care is an important part of primary care. Family Medicine researchers work within the Division of Family Planning in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our mission is to investigate critical clinical questions and conduct innovative research to advance the field of family planning. We are conducting clinical trials that evaluate new contraceptive methods as well as methods to help treat contraceptive side effects. We evaluate how we can improve access to reproductive health care among disparate populations, including refugees.


Intra-uterine devices:

  1. Anticipatory contraceptive counseling prior to Levonorgestrel IUD
  2. Naproxen to treat heavy menstrual bleeding among copper-IUD users

Quality Improvement:
Improving the data we have to determine whether a contraceptive method is safe for women with complex medical conditions through a contraceptive registry

Reproductive Health in Disparate populations:

  1. Facilitators and barriers to birth spacing and modern contraceptive use among Somali refugees
  2. Advancing Reproductive health wellness between women with cystic fibrosis, stakeholders, healthcare providers and researchers


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Collaborative Partners

UW Division of Family Planning

UW Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

UW Department of Global Health, Global WACh Family Planning Working Group