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Rural U.S. residents overall are poorer, have a higher burden of disease, are more likely to live in Health Professional Shortage Areas, and travel farther to access health care than their urban counterparts. Our research aims to inform local, regional, and national policy and practice to improve the health of vulnerable and minority rural populations. Research focus areas include rural health professional education, recruitment, retention, and competencies, as well as rural disparities in access to high quality care.


Nurse practitioner and physician assistant education for rural practice

Rural patient access to and outcomes of home health services

Sustaining physician residency education in rural places

The supply of physicians to treat opioid addiction in rural patients

The supply and distribution of the rural behavioral health workforce

The potential of community paramedicine to fill rural healthcare gaps


  • Holly Andrilla
    Research Scientist
    Senior Investigator and Project Manager - WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
  • Laura-Mae Baldwin
    Professor, Family Medicine
  • David Evans
    Director - RUOP | Underserved Pathway
    Investigator - WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
  • Lisa Garberson
    Research Scientist - WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
  • Gina Keppel
    Research Scientist
  • Eric H. Larson
    Director - WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
  • Davis G Patterson
    Director - Collaborative for Rural Primary care Research, Education, and Practice (Rural PREP)
  • Susan M Skillman
    Research Scientist - WWAMI Rural Health Research Center & Rural PREP
  • Matthew Thompson
    Vice-Chair for Research
  • Keren Wick
    Associate Professor, Family Medicine

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Physician Assistant Education Association

RTT Collaborative

Rural Training Track Technical Assistance Program

National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health

National Rural Health Association

WWAMI Area Health Education Center

WWAMI Center for Health Workforce Studies

WWAMI Rural Health Research Center (RHRC)