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What is the WPRN?

The WPRN is a collaborative group of primary care practices in the five-state WWAMI region (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho) committed to research and practice improvement. The WPRN’s diversity of geography and practice type allows it to reach many rural and underserved populations.

WPRN Principles & values:

  • ✓ To maintain equal and bi-directional partnerships between academic researchers and community practices
  • ✓ To conduct research of importance to practices
  • ✓ To make research participation feasible for practices
  • ✓ To minimize interference in clinical practice operations
  • ✓ To conduct research that supports practice innovation and improves patient outcomes

WPRN members contribute to evidence-based knowledge in primary care by generating project ideas, conducting studies at their own sites, and collaborating on studies across the WPRN. Members may contribute to the development of research questions and protocols.

Members are clinical practices; individual practitioners within a practice may choose whether or not to participate. Representatives from member practices convene annually in Seattle, WA.

Benefits of WPRN membership:

  • Opportunities to be involved in research and scholarship
  • Opportunities to be involved in practice improvement initiatives
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Continuing Medical Education credit when possible and appropriate
  • Reimbursement for FTE and clinic costs of participating in funded research projects

WPRN Mission:
➢ To improve the health and well-being of patients in their communities, through the conduct of collaborative research that informs and enhances primary care clinical practice.

WPRN Leadership

The WPRN Coordinating Center (CC) and operations are located at the University of Washington (UW), in Seattle, WA.

WPRN Director Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH, and the WPRN Steering Committee, composed of CC and member practice representatives, lead the WPRN.

The WPRN is supported by the University of Washington Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS), the Department of Family Medicine (UWFM), and funded research grants.

Examples of WPRN projects

  • ✓ Improving Safe Medication Prescribing among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
  • ✓ Cervical Cancer Screening: Are Women Over, Under, or Appropriately Screened?
  • ✓ ACE-Is, ARBs, Statins and Contraception
  • ✓ Using Electronic Communications to Improve Hypertension in the Community (e-CHIP)
  • ✓ Patient Preference for Weight Loss Program
  • ✓ Data QUEST – an infrastructure for securely sharing electronic medical record data for research.
Interested in joining the WPRN or want to learn more?

Contact Gina Keppel, MPH Research Scientist University of Washington (206) 685-0750 gakeppel@uw.edu