Interview Dates

Interview spots fill quickly due to the volume of applicants. We recommend you apply early. We look forward to meeting our applicants.


Important Dates for 2013/2014

October 31, 2013 Deadline for receipt of application and personal statement
November 5, 2013 Deadline for receipt of dean's letters, letters of reference, and transcripts
November 15, 2013 Interviews begin
Jan. 15-Feb. 26, 2014 Rank Order List Entry
March 17-20, 2014 Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program
March 21, 2014 MATCH DAY !!!



Applications will be considered for interviews only after the ERAS application, medical school transcript or USMLE transcript, personal statement and at least one letter of recommendation have been received. It is in the best interest of the applicant to have the application completed prior to the interview.

The residency program will hold interviews on the following dates*:

Fri 11/15/13 Tue 11/19/13
Fri 11/22/13 Tu 12/10/13
Fri 12/13/13 Tue 12/17/13
Fri 12/20/13 Tue 1/7/14
Fri 1/10/14 Tue 1/14/14 Fri 1/17/14

*Dates are subject to change.