2016 – 2017
UW Family Medicine Residency Program
Schedule of Events


JUNE 2016

Date Time Event
6/1 New R3’s sign-up/badging for SCH for the year, for jeopardy coverage
6/1 Built-in-time to start Reach Out and Read Training for interns, either during orientation or core skills
6/15-17 8:00-5:00pm UW Family Medicine Residency New Intern Orientation
6/15 6:00-9:00pm New Intern Welcome BBQ
6/16 3:00-4:00pm R1 UWP Billing Mandatory Training
6/19-6/20 Chief Residents (current & new year chiefs) – Intern Volunteer Cabin Sleepover
6/21-6/23 UW Medicine New Intern Orientation
6/24 New interns 1st Day
6/24-7/5 CORE SKILLS I
6/28-6/29 8:00-5:00pm ACLS Training @ NGT
6/30 8-Noon NRP @ Cascade Training – Group 1 8-Noon/Group 2 1-5pm


JULY 2016

Date Time Event
7/1 Start Coordinating ERAS Interview Daily Schedules
7/1 Remind R3’s to Schedule NRP Recertification
7/1 Program Director arranges locums coverage/pay someone to cover the FMS during the overnight retreat
7/15 Publicize to R1s and R2s the Larry Green Visiting Scholars Program at the Robert Graham Center for primary care research (http://www.graham-center.org/online/graham/home/visiting-scholars/visit-scholars-info.html), the applications for which need to be submitted about 15 months in advance of the proposed month of research there.
7/28-7/30 AAFP NCFMR – Kansas City, MO



Date Time Event
8/24 6:00-9:00pm UWNC-NGT & Residency Annual Picnic



Date Time Event
 9/15  ERAS Opens
9/12-9/16 UW Family Medicine Update CME Course
9/14-9/27 CORE SKILLS II
9/19-10/16 Global Health Leadership Course
9/23-9/25 All Residency Overnight Retreat
9/28 8:00-Noon Mandatory Faculty ERAS Application Reviews
9/28 1:00-5:00pm Northgate Clinic Team Building Retreat
9/29 8:00-Noon Faculty Quarterly Retreat- Faculty Development – OB Skills Update
9/29 1:00-


Mandatory Faculty ERAS Application Reviews



Date Time Event
9/19-10/16 Global Health Leadership Course
10/1 ERAS Deans Letters available
10/5 8:00-5:00pm HMC FMC All Day Clinic Retreat
10/19 8:00-5:00pm R2 Fall Retreat
10/24 8:00-Noon R1’s –  In-Training Exam (ITE) –  Rainbow Room
10/25 8:00-Noon R2’s –  In-Training Exam (ITE) –  Rainbow Room
10/26 8:00-Noon R3’s –  In-Training Exam (ITE) –  Rainbow Room



Date Time Event
11/1 8:00-3:00pm Interviews
11/4 8:00-3:00pm Interviews
11/8 8:00-3:00pm Interviews
11/10 8:00-3:00pm Interviews
11/15 8:00-3:00pm Interviews
11/16 7:00-Noon UWNC (ALL UWNC) Annual Meeting
11/18 8:00-3:00pm Interviews
11/29 8:00-3:00pm Interviews



Date Time Event
12/1 Remind residents to apply for the nomination for the WAFP Roy Virak
12/1 Remind R3’s to register for ABFM April Boards
12/2 Interviews
12/6 Interviews
12/7 8:00-5:00pm CCC Meets
 12/8 8:00-3:00pm Interviews
12/13 8:00-3:00pm Interviews
12/14 8:00-5:00pm R1 Retreat
12/16 8:00-3:00pm Interviews



Date Time Event
1/19 8:00-Noon Faculty Quarterly Retreat



Date Time Event
2/1 Reminder to residents to apply for the AAFP Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education
2/1 5:00-9:00pm Rank Night
2/8 9:00-2:00pm All Residency Team Building Retreat


MARCH 2017

Date Time Event
3/13-3/16 Match Week
3/17 Match Day
3/15 R2 Retreat
3/23 8:00-Noon Faculty Quarterly Retreat


APRIL 2017

Date Time Event
4/12 8:00-Noon Annual Program Review
4/12 1:00-5:00pm Department Fair
4/13-4/14 WWAMI ALSO Course @ Valley
4/19 8:00-5:00PM R1 Retreat
TBD ABFM Board Exams


MAY 2017

Date Time Event
5/10 8:00-Noon CCC Meets
5/11 9:15-1:15pm CCC Meets
5/5-5/9 STFM
5/16 Rotation Thank You Letters & Certificates


JUNE 2017

Date Time Event
6/3-6/4 R3’s End of Year Retreat
6/7 8:00-Noon R1-R2 Orientation
6/14 8:00-Noon R2-R3 Orientation
6/23 5:30-8:30pm Graduation
6/29 8:00-Noon Faculty Quarterly Retreat
TBD New Intern Orientation
TBD Intern UWMC/GME Orientation
TBD Intern Welcome BBQ
TBD Intern’s 1st Day