Dr. Judy Pauwels (L) and student at the UW Neighborhood Northgate Clinic

Dr. Judy Pauwels (L) and Emily Hilderman, DNP, (R) are part of the teaching team at the UW Neighborhood Northgate Clinic

The University of Washington Department of Family Medicine has a strong commitment to student education/teaching, which is exemplified through the Family Medicine Department’s Divisions of Medical Student Education and Residency. Due to our commitments to the UW School of Medicine, we only offer third-year Family Medicine Clerkship training to internal UW students. We do offer a Sub-Internship rotation to both UW and external students during their late third and fourth year of training. The Sub-Internship is an intensive, combined inpatient and outpatient course with a defined curriculum and schedule. Nonetheless, our faculty coordinator for student rotations works with students to consider the specific goals of the student and tailor, where possible, the rotation to the interests of the individual student. Students will work closely with both residents and faculty of our Program and have the opportunity to gain insight into the field of Family Medicine and what it’s like to train in an academically vibrant setting.

The sub-internship is currently available all year with the exception of a few dates when other special training is occurring in the residency program. The residency and department additionally provides teaching to MS1s, MS2s and MS3s of the University of Washington School of Medicine for Family Medicine student courses. Residents in our program take a direct role in the teaching and development of our medical student education within the program.

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