2018-2019 Residents


Monica Agarwal

Hi all! I was born and raised in the beautiful Garden State of New Jersey. I crossed the Hudson River for undergrad at Columbia University in New York City where I majored in biomedical engineering. During my time in undergrad, I was involved with Engineers Without Borders which exposed me to public health projects, community management, and global health. After college, I attended medical school back home at Rutgers University, where I was introduced to the prospect of pursuing women’s health & family planning through family medicine. I took a research year after my M2 year to pursue a fellowship in Pathology at Stanford University where nurtured my interest in histology. However, after completing my clinical years in medical school, I knew I wanted to be directly involved in patient care. I enjoyed the variety of family medicine and the appreciated the value of continuity. I’m so excited to be at UW in the wonderful city of Seattle! After a long hard shift, you’ll find me exploring Seattle with my husband, pretending to be a mixologist in my own home, and planning my next trip abroad.

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Liz Brallier

Hailing from Pittsburgh and raised near Nashville I was drawn west by the community-focused care at UW. I studied Biology and Spanish at Rhodes College in Memphis, but it was after becoming my father’s primary caregiver that I started anew and earned my nursing degree before heading to medical school. Clinical work throughout Tennessee culminating in medical mission trips to Haiti and Palestine showed me that I wanted to work with underserved and refugee populations and I can’t imagine a better place to do that than Harborview clinic. In addition to developing my medical Spanish I am interested in women’s health, palliative care, and global health. When I need to unwind I love to hike, bike, and run on Washington trails, spend time with my adoring cats, or with more adoring fiancée.

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Allison Cummings

Hi, my name is Allison and I am so excited to be a part of the UW Family Medicine Residency. As a native North Carolinian and lifelong Tar Heel (go Heels!) I was looking for a change of scenery after attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for both undergraduate and medical school. Fortunately, I landed in a dynamic city where the mountains are visible on clear days and easily accessible by car on the weekends. When I am not caring for patients I enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family, surveying the local craft beer and food scene, and foraging for fresh berries. My academic interests include quality improvement, understanding how the health workforce can be tooled to meet population needs, and ensuring patient access to obstetrical care and women’s health services. I feel very lucky to have landed at the University of Washington, where there are plenty of opportunities to explore those interests during my training.

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Jose Flores-Rodarte

Hola! I was born in Mexico and grew up in a small town in the Central Coast of California. I always wanted to see more of the world growing up so my thirst for education took me to the University of California, Irvine, down in Southern California where I majored in Philosophy & Biological Sciences. While at Irvine, I also became interested in a medical career once I started volunteering and interpreting at a local federally-qualified health center that serves uninsured and under-insured, primarily Spanish-speaking patients. Specifically, I knew at that point I wanted to do family medicine, based on my experiences observing health disparities and the opportunity to do something about them but also based on the mentorship of a great family medicine doctor back in my hometown. The long-term connections with patients, your community, and the breadth of knowledge and skills required to practice good family medicine are what drew me to it before I even started medical school. I then went to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, where I received an M.D./M.P.H. with a focus in global health, completing my thesis project working on maternal and child health in the Dominican Republic. Now that I’m back on the West Coast, I am settling in and exploring Seattle and all it has to offer in terms of breweries and hikes. Along with that, you can usually find me vigorously podcasting, reading, and finding all the good food around here!

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Greg Lavins

Hello! My name is Gregory Lavins and I grew up in a small suburb of Cleveland Ohio, hiking the local metro parks and dreaming of vistas more cinematic than my state could offer.  My interest in medicine began at The Ohio State University where I majored in French and sociology, and where I became involved in research on health disparities within inner city Cleveland.  I then continued traveling down I-71 south to attend medical school at the University of Cincinnati where I worked extensively in our free homeless clinic and took part in an NIH-funded research fellowship investigating pediatric asthma phenotypes. While in medical school, I also worked as an instructor for USMLE board review courses which further solidified my passion for teaching, a passion I hope to bring to my future practice.  I graduated AOA in 2018, packed up a car and left for the PNW with my wife, our 2 dogs, and our then 1-month-old (it was a tight fit!).  In Seattle, I finally found those vistas I had been searching for while growing up.  Outside of medicine, you can find me out biking, at a yoga studio, reading books in the sun, playing guitar, or relaxing with my family.


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Jessica Lu

Hi! My name is Jessica Lu, and I am from Columbia, Maryland, a suburb sandwiched right between DC and Baltimore. I went to college at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I studied Biology and Art History/Religion and mastered the art of the DC brunch. In college, I worked with local nonprofits to facilitate service learning opportunities for students, which piqued my interest in community outreach and social justice. I then ventured to the University of Pittsburgh for medical school, where I partnered with the Bhutanese-Nepali refugee community to create educational tools to help new refugees navigate the healthcare system. I also spent a summer in Guyana conducting OB/GYN research (and exploring the vast Guyanese jungle) and traveled to Honduras to work in a rural family medicine clinic. My specific interests in FM include women’s health, immigrant/refugee populations, and global health. Although I am sad to leave the Steel City and its endless bridges, hills, and pierogies, I am so excited to explore the glorious Pacific Northwest. Outside of medicine, I love backpacking/hiking, reading science fiction, traveling and eating my way around the world, and discovering new podcasts.”

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Rachel Smith

Rachel grew up in Prineville, OR – a small town in the high desert of central Oregon. She spent much of her undergraduate years studying and working abroad in Tanzania, Chile, and Senegal, and graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in International Studies. The plan was to go into International Development, but then she decided to make things more complicated, and go back to school for medicine. She did the MD/PhD program in Sociology (ABD) at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Her dissertation research was completed in Tanzania, and focused on access to care for chronic health conditions in low resource settings, and institutional obstacles to global health equity. She is overjoyed to return to the Pacific Northwest with her two Midwestern rescue pups.

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Ping Yang

I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to America with my family at the age of 5. I basically spent a large part of my childhood hopping from one Chinese restaurant to another, since my family moved around a lot (mostly all within the northeast). I attended college at the University of Connecticut and there I double majored in Physiology and Neurobiology as well as Molecular and Cell Biology (a whole lot of biology), and also enjoyed living in a rural environment for the first time (my next door neighbors were cows!) While in college I traveled with a group of students to Atlanta, GA and Niceville, FL to help the underserved community and I knew then that this was the population I wanted to work with in the future. I then headed to medical school at Temple University in Philadelphia, and there I was involved as President of the Integrative Medicine Interest group and Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) and organized health screenings for our community. I chose family medicine because I value the close relationship you develop with your patients, and I love how broad each visit could be. I am excited to join the family at the University of Washington family medicine residency. I’ve already bought my first pair of hiking boots, done a couple of hikes, and am really looking forward to exploring the vast magical lands of the PNW with my fiancé and our puppy dog.

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Patrick Callahan

Hello! My name is Patrick Callahan and I am excited to be joining the University of Washington Family Medicine Residency! Originally from Rochester, New York, I spent several years living in Vancouver, WA as the Clinic Director of the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington prior to entering the University of Washington for medical school.  My background also includes clinical research, urban/underserved outreach, and the completion of a Robert Wood Johnson leadership fellowship prior to medical school.  In my free time I enjoy running, hiking,  and traveling to new places with my wife Havilah and our two children. As a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, I also enjoy playing solo and ensemble piano with friends and family. I am eager to continue my residency training at the University of Washington, a school known for it’s dedication to primary care.

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Lamin Ceesay

I was born in a tiny West African country known as “The Smiling Coast of Africa” –The Gambia. I attended the City college of NY, where I received a BS in Biochemistry.  At city college, i worked as a research assistant in the genomic lab sequencing DNA molecules–this experience reinforce my interest in medicine and medical research.  I also love teaching and being active in my community, so my  weekends during undergrad were mostly spent volunteering to tutor kids in science and math.

After graduating from college and prior to medical school— I got together with a very motivated group of individuals to create a non-for-profit organization… whose main purpose is to provide access to basic “primary care”; mostly to the under-served regions of The Gambia

I had the collective experience of growing up in a community and country that had limited  access to healthcare services but had significant needs, the resilience of the human spirit — coupled with experiencing the healthcare delivery system of the US informed me of the value of primary care in any community.  I moved to the beautiful island of Antigua to attend medical school at the American University of Antigua College of medicine.

I fell in love with family medicine because of the diverse populations we serve and also because i find it tremendously satisfying to be with patients for the long term. It is  Gratifying to manage multiple problems and keep up with each patient’s individual health maintenance/needs.  I have great interest in health equity, health care access, global health and women’s health and the UW family medicine program is a great place to train at.

The Pacific Northwest is a great place to be and personally enjoy the beautiful outdoors and take every opportunity I can to go hiking, biking and spending time with family.

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Daniel Cornish

Hello! My name is Daniel Cornish and I grew up in Butte, MT – affectionately known as the “Richest Hill on Earth.” I stayed in Montana for college and graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman with degrees in mathematics and photography.  I worked as a teacher leading photography courses in the National Parks for Canon Camera before spending some time living in Turkey and eventually returning for medical school here at the University of Washington. I fell in love with full-spectrum family medicine while participating in a rural training track in Dillon, MT.  Having been a teacher before coming to this profession I see many parallels between primary care and education. I plan on continuing to develop as a teacher (and student) while training here in this amazing program.  Finally, I believe that excellent, evidence-based healthcare, fundamentally comes from good conversation and I would love to meet you in clinic. If I am not here you will find me playing soccer, reading, or taking walks with my Wife and our aussie “Maverick”.

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Eunice Fu

I’m a Silicon Valley baby, growing up in the diverse, tech-minded city of San Jose, California. I stayed nearby for college, learning about bioengineering and the meaning of “crunchy granola” hippie life at UC Berkeley. I then hopped across the bay to San Francisco for 2 years, where I researched cartilage regeneration in osteoarthritis with UCSF Orthopedic Surgery and worked as a scribe and research coordinator at an ENT clinic. All of these experiences confirmed that medicine was where I wanted to be, but it was my experience as a sibling to someone with autism that opened my eyes to the paramount importance of primary care in effective and relevant care for the individual and their communities. I flew across the country to attend the University of Vermont School of Medicine, where I led refugee health orientations, co-produced a Palliative Care lecture series, and was active in the autism community – all while getting my fill of glorious New England fall, maple syrup, IPAs, and cheese. I found my heart home in Family Medicine and am so excited to be back on the west coast at UW, pursuing my interests in palliative care, behavioral health, developmental disorders, and cross cultural medicine. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, street photography, serious board-gaming, and learning jazz clarinet.

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Justin Kappel

Growing up with my feet in the Atlanta suburbs and my heart in the North Georgia mountains, I’ve always been torn between the peacefulness of a hike in through the woods and the excitement of life in the city.  I’m so excited to be here in Seattle to get the absolutely best of both!  I’ve spent most of my life on the move, living in France and Spain during high school, attending undergrad at UC Berkeley, and using every spare moment between to travel. After a couple years at the National Institutes of Health in Washington D.C. post-college, working on vaccine development and confirming that bench science involved too much time hunched over indoors, I made my way home to Atlanta to reconnect with family/friends and to attend medical school at Emory University.  I fell in love with the sheer breadth of the medical field, taking special interest in geriatric medicine, health systems design, policy/advocacy, and the prominence of food, exercise, and stress as determinants of health.  I took an extra year for an MPH in epidemiology, working on a practicum project training community health workers in Nicaragua and a thesis examining the prognostic utility of a geriatric mobility survey. I am honored to join the UW family and look forward to exploring deeper all the ways family docs can promote well-being in all its many forms.  In my spare time, I practice as much yoga as possible, cook dinner for myself and my wife, and read sitting with our two cats–who, of course, pay very little attention.

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Christie Miles

I am originally a Midwesterner from the beautiful Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes. I migrated to the woods of New Hampshire for college at Dartmouth, where I majored in biology. After college, I spent two years in upstate New York working at a federally qualified health center through Americorps/Community Healthcorps where I helped to establish a Centering Pregnancy program for group prenatal visits. I headed down the Hudson River for medical school at Columbia University where I was lucky to work for all four years (and serve as co-director for a year) at the student-run clinic CHHMP, which serves uninsured, under-insured and homeless patients in Harlem. My time in Americorps and at CHHMP fostered my passion for and commitment to the care of under-served communities, and I am thrilled to be working with the incredible patient population at the Harborview FMC site during residency at UW. My other interests in medicine include family planning, maternity care and medical education. In my free time, you can find me hiking, making moony eyes at puppies or sampling the delicious coffee, beer and food of Seattle.

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Viet Nguyen

I grew up in a Vietnamese restaurant in central California, where I was surrounded by oil drills, pistachio orchards, and the smell of smog and cow farms (it makes for beautiful sunsets and lots of long-distance running). I attended University of California, Riverside, where I received a BS in biology, though the most interesting parts of my time were spent with community organizing groups for youth leadership develepment (which included summer science camps / community gardens). I attended Harvard Medical School, where I did research in group visits integrating dental/diabetes care, palliative care implementation in Ho Chi Minh City, and the use of mobile-technology in rural parts of Vietnam. I enjoy thinking about the role of narrative in medicine, in improving medical education systems/infrastructure, in global health, and in palliative care. Outside of all that, my favorite things include sharing pots of tea, the silence of book shops, or a home-made meal, and possibly being too serious. To maximize my PNW potential, I’m trying to get into cycling / kombucha brewing, and I’ve long nurtured a soft-spot for dark chocolate and the occasional cup of well-made coffee.

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Zoe Sansted

A native New Yorker, I was born and raised in New York City and the nearby suburb Westport, Connecticut. Growing up, I loved music and theater, and was involved in orchestra, choir, and theater productions both at school and in the community. At Columbia College, I continued these endeavors, directing, producing, and making costumes for many theatrical productions. In college, I also discovered my passion for primary care by working for the nonprofit organization Health Leads, where I conducted needs assessments and case work for underserved patients. I went straight through to medical school, and moved five subway stops uptown to Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons. At medical school, I was co-chair of the student-run free clinic CoSMO, which serves the undocumented, un-insurable patients of Washington Heights. This clinic allowed me to further develop my commitment to primary care, as well as my interest in clinic management and operations. I decided to enroll in the MD/MBA dual degree program to further foster these interests, and while at Columbia Business School I was able to gain a broader view of the health care system and its many challenges. Though I’m a New Yorker at heart, I was ready for a big change and wanted to come to Seattle, and specifically to UW, to be in an environment and at an institution that understands the importance of high quality preventive care and population health management for all people. Clinically, I am interested in comprehensive primary care, outpatient women’s health, and family planning. I am passionate about preserving and expanding reproductive rights, as well as transforming primary care delivery for all patients.

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Lauren Webb

Originally a Texan, I am so pleased to have made it up to the PNW for residency.  I completed my undergrad in communication disorders at UT Austin (home of the world’s best breakfast tacos) as well as 2 years of graduate school in Audiology. While I loved my time in that specific field of healthcare, I became increasingly exposed to medicine and was certain this was the best path for me. I moved up to Fort Worth, TX for medical school at TCOM, where I became very involved in women’s health service organizations and served as president of Medical Students for Choice. Family planning access and reproductive rights have always been of huge importance to me, and the social justice focus in the Family Medicine speciality felt like a perfect fit. I couldn’t be happier to train in beautiful Seattle and to escape to the mountains on my days off.  Outside of work, you can find me dog watching at Greenlake, practicing my photography skills, or spending time with my partner and our two cats, Kona and Miso.

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Amelia Carr

Carr, Amelia (846009546)_UWMC ID badge photo copy

I was born and raised in beautiful Eugene, Oregon where I developed a love for the outdoors and activities such as running and hiking. I have always been interested in science and decided to pursue medicine early on in my education. My freshman year of high school, I became involved in the sport of rowing and continued as a coxswain during my undergraduate years at Stanford University. I spent the two years between undergraduate and medical school participating in research at Oregon Research Institute where I worked on a project focused on preventing falls in the elderly through Tai Chi classes. I traveled far from home to attend Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In medical school, I worked to implement further nutrition and integrative medicine education into the undergraduate medical curriculum by designing a peer-taught nutrition lecture series. While I enjoyed my time in the Southeast, I’m excited to return to the Pacific Northwest to receive an outstanding education at the University of Washington and to further explore my interests in women’s health, integrative medicine, and geriatrics.

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Patricia Egwuatu

I am a pacific northwest native and grew up in Auburn, Washington. I developed a passion for medicine during childhood when I would hear stories about my parents experiences with healthcare in their native countries of Nigeria and Uganda. This developed my passion for primary care. I attended the University of Washington for undergrad (Go Dawgs) and I love going to Husky football games. After college I became an Americorps member at the Western Washington Area Health Education Center where I helped to lead Youth Health Services Corps that allowed me to work with underserved high school students and introduce them to health care professions. I attended Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school. There I became deeply aware of health care disparities and started Student National Medical Association on campus. I am excited to be part of the UW Family Medicine Residency Program and plan to further my interests in Family Medicine in women’s health, reproductive health, health policy and global health.

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Taneev Escamilla

Escamilla, Taneev - ID badge photo copy

After being born in Mexico City, I grew up in Canada, Mexico and Germany before coming to the United States. Exposure to different cultures and countries shaped my understanding of the crucial role primary care plays in building strong and healthy communities. Similarly, observing the profound societal impacts of health disparities on communities strengthened my resolve for social justice and advocacy in healthcare.
I earned my bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Brigham Young University; there I developed a particular interest in advancing technology and medicine through research. After college I worked in a neuroengineering lab while also participating in public health research that looked at the breast cancer disparities in American Indian populations. It became clear that a career in primary care would allow me to have a direct role in the delivery of individualized care while also pursuing public health research and interventions.
I attended medical school in the heart of Detroit at Wayne State University and completed a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology at the University of Michigan. My thesis project looked at the important association between lifestyles patterns and cardiovascular outcomes. This work reflects my own interest in addressing the upstream effects of preventable diseases.
I was drawn to UW Family Medicine because of the diverse population we serve, robust clinical and public health training, as well as excellence in academic medicine. My interests in medicine are in: preventive medicine, women’s health, adolescent health, population health, epidemiology, social justice, and advocacy. Outside of medicine I enjoy the outdoors, photography, dancing, and spending time with my family.

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Elise Gelston

Gelston, Elise - ID badge photo

I grew up in the east bay area of San Francisco.  During my undergraduate education at the University of California at Berkeley, I learned about Molecular and Cell Biology as well as Italian Studies.  These subjects are not particularly related to each other, but they were a fantastic part of my education and I would do them all over again.  Following graduation, I spent two years working– the first year I spent in an immunology lab at the Peking University Health Science Center in Beijing, China and improved my conversational Mandarin.  The second year, I returned to work as an emergency department scribe as well as a high school tutor in my community.  I subsequently matriculated at the University of Michigan Medical School, where I was involved in curriculum development, clinical research, and immigrant health projects.  I love the sciences but I also love engaging with people, and feel passionate about improving patient experiences with the health care system.  Family medicine, with its focus on the patient and the entire family, was my natural calling.  Outside of clinic, you’ll find me attending my fiance’s bike races, teaching our cat to walk on a leash, hiking, camping, and spending time with family or friends.

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Nicole Gentile

Gentile, Nicole - ID badge photo

Hey y’all! I was born in the snowy mountains of South Lake Tahoe and raised on the beautiful beach in Pacifica, CA, with a couple of months each year growing up spent on the captivating island of Hawaii. Originally intending to be a pharmacist, I began my undergraduate studies in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Davis. However, after discovering my true passion for medicine while working abroad with a medical non-profit organization in Guatemala, I switched my major to Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. As if that wasn’t enough science, I decided to complete my PhD (also at UCD – Go Ags!) in Comparative Pathology (now Integrative Pathobiology) with an emphasis in microbiology and sepsis. My studies then led me to the remarkable city of New Orleans where I completed medical school at Tulane and enjoyed phenomenal live music and cultural emersion. It was there where I developed a love for family medicine and learned the importance of addressing social determinants of health and delivering contextualized patient care. I love learning from and treating patients of all ages and their families and I look forward to one day utilizing all aspects of my science training as an academic family medicine physician. I also have particular interests in both rheumatology and sports medicine. Besides science, I enjoy spending my free time with my husband, two dogs (yep, one is a Husky), and friends/family while BBQing and watching college or NFL football (Geaux Saints!). Although I miss the people and culture of NOLA, I am looking forward to being back on the West Coast where I can rock climb, ski, hike, and ice-skate again (maybe even while wearing a tutu, beads, and a Saints jersey ;)

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Adam Nishimura

Nishimura, Adam - ID badge photo

I was born in Rochester, Minnesota – home of the unofficial world’s largest fake corncob — where I lived until moving to Tacoma, Washington to attend college at University of Puget Sound.  After earning my B.A. in Religion, I worked as a carpenter in Seattle for a few years while starting a carpentry-based education program for at-risk youth called Sawhorse Revolution.  In 2011, I started medical school at University of Washington.  Between my 2nd and 3rd year of school, I stepped away from my medical studies to earn a Masters in Biomedical and Health Informatics from UW.  My thesis research focused on “clinical decision support”, or tools to help care providers make better, safer decisions for patients.  My circuitous path has consistently shown me that I am passionate about education — a passion that I hope to fuse with a soft spot for social justice and a love of making things.  Ultimately, I hope to develop tools that support life-long learning among primary care providers and encourage humanistic care for patients of all walks of life.  For fun, I play banjo, eat pasta, fly fish with my partner, and build awesome structures (e.g., treehouses!) with Sawhorse students.

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Nicole Roth

Roth, Nicole (846008054)_UWMC ID badge photo copy

Born and raised in Southern California, Nicole graduated with a B.S in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental biology from UC Santa Cruz where she started a student SACNAS chapter to increase the representation of minorities in STEM fields. After graduation, Nicole spent two summers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and a year at the National institutes for health performing basic science research on infectious diseases before starting medical school at Keck school of medicine of USC. Throughout her career, Nicole has been heavily involved in mentoring first generation college students. As a medical student, Nicole focused her interests in underserved medicine through the Primary Care Leadership program working to increase inter pregnancy intervals among low income women in East Los Angeles. She is an Albert Schweitzer “Fellow for Life” and is passionate about working with communities to develop novel approaches to address health disparities among underserved populations. Outside of medicine, she takes every opportunity to enjoy the Pacific North West through hiking, camping, and hammocking!

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