Joint injection and aspiration represent a cornerstone of the therapeutic approach in primary care sports medicine.. While all family medicine physicians receive some training in injection and aspiration techniques, few become comfortable enough to perform their techniques in their own practices. By developing skill in several joint injection and aspiration techniques, you will wield a very powerful therapeutic tool with which to treat your patients in particular circumstances. Furthermore, you may save them time and referral to orthopedic specialists as well.

Summary Articles

The following articles, all selected from the AAFP, are available online, and links are provided here. They can be read to familiarize yourself with injection techniques in preparation for learning to perform joint injections and aspirations.

Superficial Hip & Knee Injections:

Knee Injection

Shoulder joint Injection technique

Wrist and Hand Injection

Ankle and Foot Injection

Elbow injection

Joint/Soft Tissue Injection